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U.S. to Fund Pro-American Publicity in Iraqi Media
Karen DeYoung and Walter Pincus. Washington Post, 03 October 2008.

In Baghdad, a Different Kind of Nightmare Commute
Usama Redha. Los Angeles Times, 11 February 2008.

Market Bombings: Baghdad Locals Want Security, Not Iraqi Police
Sam Dagher. The Christian Science Monitor, 04 February 2008.

Iraqis Using YouTube to Mock Leaders, U.S. Soldiers
Ammar Karim and Bryan Pearson. Middle East Online, 30 January 2008.

As Iraqis See It
Michael Massing. The New York Review of Books, 17 January 2008. Posted on 09 January 2008.

Iraqi Public Opinion
Kevin Young. ZNet Magazine, 08 January 2008.

Killer of US Soldiers Becomes Hero for Iraqis
Ali al-Fadhily. Inter Press News, 08 January 2008.

Disaffected Iraqis Spurn Dominant Shiite Clerics
Sudarsan Raghavan. Washington Post, 21 December 2007.

Public Attitudes in Basrah
Poll conducted by Opinion Research Business and posted on the BBC News website, 14 December 2007 (.pdf file).

Iraq's Civil Resistance
Bill Weinberg. The Nation, 11 December 2007. Posted on the AlterNet website.

Iraqi Press Warns of Sectarian Sedition
Awsat Al-Iraq, 09 November 2007.

What Iraqis Think of the U.S. Occupation
Fred K. Kaplan. Slate.com, 25 October 2007.

Iraq, the Surge, Partition, and the War: Public Opinion by City and Region
Anthony H. Cordesman. Center for Strategic and International Studies, 19 October 2007 (.pdf file).

Ask the Iraqis
Lawrence Wright. The New Yorker, 22 October 2007 issue. Posted on 15 October 2007.

Climate of Fear Stymies Basra Reporters
Safa al-Mansoor and Dhiya al-Mussa. Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 02 October 2007.

For Iraqis, General's Report Offers Bitter Truth
Alissa J. Rubin. The New York Times, 12 September 2007.

Seven Months Into the Surge: What Does it Mean for Iraqis?
Rend al-Rahim Francke. U.S. Institute of Peace, 10 September 2007 (.pdf file).

U.S. Surge Has Failed - Iraqi Poll
BBC News, 10 September 2007.

Iraqis Oppose Oil Development Plans, Poll Finds
Oil Change International, Institute for Policy Studies, War on Want, Platform and Global Policy Forum, 06 August 2007.

Iraq Survey Results
David Dougherty. Custom Strategic Research, 30 July 2007 (.pdf file).

Back to 'Saddam Without a Mustache'
Pepe Escobar. Asia Times, 09 May 2007.

Iraqi Perceptions of the War: Public Opinion by City and Region
Anthony H. Cordesman. Center for Strategic and International Studies, 02 May 2007. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Iraq's Troubled Future: The Uncertain Way Ahead
Anthony H. Cordesman. Center for Strategic and International Studies, 13 April 2007. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Iraq's Bloggers Record Life of Fear
Firas Al-Atraqchi. Al-Jazeera, 07 April 2007.

One Picture Sits Over Differing Surveys
Ali al-Fadhily. Inter Press Service, 26 March 2007.

4 Iraqis in a Fortified Radio Station Preach a Message of Unity
Sahar Issa. McClatchy Newspapers, 25 March 2007.

Shi'i Perceptions of The Iraq Study Group Report
Abbas Kadhim. Strategic Insights, March 2007.

Democracy's Support Sinks
Susan Page. USA Today, 20 March 2007.

Iraq Poll 2007: In Graphics
BBC News, 19 March 2007.

National Survey of Iraq:  Ebbing Hope in a Landscape of Loss
ABC News, 19 March 2007.

Iraqi Opinion Poll Results
ABC, USA Today, BBC, ARD, 19 March 2007.

In the Shadow of the Iraq War: America in Arab Eyes
Shibley Telhami. Survival, Spring 2007. Posted on the Brookings Institution website (.pdf file).

Armed Iraqis Wary of Security Plan
Ernest Londono and Joshua Partlow. Washington Post, 15 February 2007.

Iraqi Television on Bush's State of the Union
Juan Cole. Informed Comment, 25 January 2007.

Survey Indicates Iraqis in Despair
Al-Jazeera, 14 December 2006.

'This is Unfair' Say Iraqis on US Panel Threat
Jay Deshmukh and Paul Schemm. Agence France-Presse, 06 December 2006.

Baghdad Shias Believe Killings May Increase Once U.S.-led Forces Depart but Large Majorities Still Support Withdrawal Within a Year
Program on International Policy Attitudes, 20 November 2006.

For Iraqis, News is a Deadly Business
Scott Peterson. The Christian Science Monitor, 13 November 2006.

Shock and Anger in Baghdad Greet the Abu Ghraib News
Aparisim Ghosh. TIME, 03 November 2006.

Iraqis Think Few U.S. Troops are Fighting for Them
Nancy A. Youssef. McClatchy Newspapers, 03 November 2006.

Iraqi Journalists Add Laws to List of Dangers
Paul von Zielbauer. The New York Times, 29 September 2006.

Majorities of All Iraqi Ethnic Groups Want Strong Central Government
World Public Opinion, 28 September 2006. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Most Iraqis Want U.S. Troops Out Within a Year
Program on International Policy Attitudes, 27 September 2006.

Most Iraqis Favor Immediate U.S. Pullout, Polls Show
Amit R. Paley. The Washington Post, 27 September 2006.

Iraq's Endangered Journalists
Ali Fadhil. The New York Times, 06 September 2006.

Security, Political Pressure Affect Media Performance
Kathleen Ridolfo. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 25 August 2006.

In Iraqi Town, U.S. Feels Push Toward an Exit
Ann Scott Tyson. Washington Post, 04 August 2006.

War Of Ideas: The More You Hear, The Less You Like?
David E. Kaplan. U.S. News and World Report, 17 July 2006.

One Day In Iraq -- As Viewed By Iraqi Press
Greg Mitchell. Editor & Publisher, 16 July 2006.

Iraqi Attitudes: Survey Documents Big Changes
University of Michigan News Service, 14 June 2006.

Iraqis Lack Faith in Leaders
Megan K. Stack. Los Angeles Times, 22 May 2006.

'Losing Our Country' - Baghdad Blogger
BBC News, 10 April 2006.

Unfair, Unbalanced Channels
Louise Roug. Los Angeles Times, 28 March 2006.

(Middle Eastern) Press Scathing at Iraq Anniversary
BBC Monitoring Service, 20 March 2006.

The Iraqi Media's Response to Recent Sectarian Tension in Iraq
Mahan Abedin. Terrorism Focus, 14 March 2006. The Jamestown Foundation.

Danger for Iraqi Journalists
David Enders. Mother Jones, 06 February 2006.

Mixed Reaction over Iraqi Satellite Channels
Mazen Ghazi. Islam Online, 31 January 2006.

What the Iraqi Public Wants
Poll conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes, 31 January 2006 (.pdf file).

Nearly Half of Iraqis Support Attacks on U.S. Troops, Poll Finds
Drew Brown. Knight Ridder Newspapers, 30 January 2006.

Iraq Abuse Lenience 'Affects' U.S. Image
Al-Jazeera, 25 January 2006.

Violence and Threats Hamper Freedom of Expression
IRIN, 25 January 2006.

Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Troops' Presence
Will Lester. The Associated Press, 12 December 2005.

National Survey of Iraq
Poll, November 2005. Posted on the BBC News website (.pdf file).

Many Iraqi Voters Want Americans to go Home
Omar al-Ibadi. Reuters, 04 December 2005. Posted on the Daily Times website.

U.S. Military Covertly Pays to Run Stories in Iraqi Press
Mark Mazzetti and Borzou Daragahi. Los Angeles Times, 30 November 2005.

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Huge Majority of Iraqis Want Coalition to Go
Ned Temko. The Observer, 23 October 2005. Posted on the Information Clearing House website.

Press in Iraq Gains Rights But No Refuge
Jonathan Finer. Washington Post, 06 June 2005.

Rising Hatred of Occupation
Jonathan Steele. Mail and Guardian, 15 April 2005.

Irritated Iraqis Wait for Change
Alissa J. Rubin. Los Angeles Times, 13 March 2005. Posted on the Fairuse website.

Iraqis Cite Shift in Attitudes Since Vote
Doug Struck. Washington Post, 07 February 2005.

Postelection Joy Fading in Iraq
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 02 February 2005.

Iraq: A Silenced Majority
Stephan Smith. Truthout, 19 December 2004.

Sunni and Shiite Imams Condemn Mosque Raid in Friday Sermons
Agence France Presse, 26 November 2004.

Setback to US Image in War
Dan Murphy. Christian Science Monitor, 17 November 2004.

Selling the War
Danny Schechter. Alternet, 15 November 2004.

Is the IRI Spinning the Poll
Juan Cole. Informed Comment, 24 October 2004. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Reimposing Controls on the Iraqi Press
Monroe Price. International Herald Tribune, 09 October 2004. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Survey of Iraq Public Opinion
International Republican Institute, 24 September - 04 October 2004. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.ppt file).

Saddam Paradox Divides Iraqis
Peter Beaumont. The Observer, 04 July 2004.

Poll of Iraqis Reveals Anger Towards U.S.
The Associated Press, 16 June 2004. Posted on the MSNBC website.

Ignoring Iraqi Opinion in the Name of Democracy
FAIR, 02 June 2004.

82 Percent of Iraqis Oppose U.S. Occupation
Thomas E. Ricks. Washington Post, 13 May 2004. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Public Opinion in Iraq: First Poll Following Abu Ghraib Revelations
Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies, 14-23 May 2004. Posted on the Newsweek website.

A Debacle in the Battle for Hearts and Minds
Pascale Combelles Siegel. 13 May 2004. Posted on the Foreign Policy in Focus website (.pdf file).

Arabs Rage at Bush's America
Jefferson Morley. Washington Post, 06 May 2004.

Poll: Iraqis Out of Patience
Cesar G. Soriano and Steven Komarow. USA Today, 28 April 2004. Posted on the United for Peace and Justice website.

Baghdad in No Mood to Celebrate
Tim Franks. BBC News, 20 March 2004.

Survey Finds Hope in Occupied Iraq
BBC News, 16 March 2004.

In Karbala and Baghdad, They Mourned the Dead. Throughout Iraq, They Blamed the US
Justin Huggler. The Independent, 04 March 2004.

In Baghdad Shi'ite Slum, Anger at Occupation Mounts
Suleiman al Khalidi. Reuters, 24 February 2004. Posted on the San Diego Union website

Iraqis Thirsting for Truth, Revenge
Thanassis Cambanis and Anne Barnard. Boston Globe, 29 December 2003.

The Losing Battle for Iraqi Hearts and Minds
Paul McGeough. Sydney Morning Herald, 08 December 2003.

C.I.A. Report Suggests Iraqis Are Losing Faith in U.S. Efforts
Douglas Jehl. New York Times, 13 November 2003.

Americans Sow Seeds of Hatred
Patrick Graham. The Observer, 09 November 2003.

Poll Shows Most Iraqis Unhappy with Presence of Coalition Forces
Maureen Fan. Knight-Ridder, 24 October 2003. Posted on the Common Dreams website.

In a Poll, Baghdad Residents Call Freedom Worth the Price
Patrick E. Tyler. New York Times, 24 September 2003.

Clock Ticking for US to Sway Iraqis
Peter Ford. Christian Science Monitor, 19 September 2003.

In Iraq, One Incident, Two Stories
Scott Peterson. Christian Science Monitor, 08 September 2003.

Outside a Mosque, Sunnis Critique the New Iraq
Cameron W. Barr. Christian Science Monitor, 29 August 2003.

Iraqis Get the News but Often Don't Believe It
Richard A. Oppel Jr. New York Times, 05 August 2003.

Crime Casts Fear in Iraq
John Daniszewski. Los Angeles Times, 03 August 2003. Posted on the Truthout website.

Iraqis Wait for US Troops to Leave
Jonathan Steele. The Guardian, 05 July 2003.

Expectations Gap Rankles Iraq
Scott Peterson. Christian Science Monitor, 02 July 2003.

Mistrust Mixes With Misery In Heat of Baghdad Police Post
Anthony Shadid. Washington Post, 01 July 2003.

Villagers Enraged and Baffled by American Show of Force
Patrick Cockburn. The Independent, 15 June 2003. Posted on the Common Dreams website.

In Searching Homes, U.S. Troops Crossed the Threshold of Unrest
Anthony Shadid. Washington Post, 30 May 2003.

Unfulfilled Promises Leave Iraqis Bewildered
Anthony Shadid. Washington Post, 27 May 2003.

Iraqis Unhappy With U.S. Signals
Peter Slevin. Washington Post, 26 May 2003.

Iraqis Frustrated by Shift Favoring U.S.-British Rule
Patrick E. Tyler. New York Times, 26 May 2003. Posted on the Common Dreams website.

Returning to Iraq, Few Kurds Want to Be Part of It
Sabrina Tavernise. New York Times, 25 May 2003.

U.S. General May Censor Iraqi TV Station's Programs
Walter Pincus. Washington Post, 09 May 2003.

Thanks for Ousting Hussein, 'Now Please Go Home'
Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Washington Post, 22 April 2003.

Iraq Not Grateful for Manner of Its Liberation
John Simpson. The Age, 21 April 2003.

Anti-American Clamour Grows Ever More Strident
Julian Coman. The Telegraph, 21 April 2003. Posted on The Age website.

A Dangerous Groundswell of Resentment is Building Up on the Streets of Baghdad
Fergal Keane. The Independent, 19 April 2003. Posted on the Common Dreams website.

Baghdad Protesters Denounce 'Occupation'
BBC News, 18 April 2003.

‘No to Saddam, No to US’
Essam Al-Ghalib. Arab News, 17 April 2003. Posted on the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace website.

Iraqis Now Waiting for Americans to Leave
Burt Herman. The Associated Press, 10 April 2003. Posted on the Washington Post website.

Saying No to Liberation
Kareem Fahim. The Village Voice, 02 April 2003.

Leave After War, Iraqi Opposition Group Tells U.S.
Reuters, 25 March 2003.

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