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The Execution of the Third Geneva Convention
Mahmoud Mubarak. Dar Al-Hayat, 09 January 2007.

Papers Pinpoint Law Chief's Change of Heart Over War
David Leigh and Rob Evans. The Guardian, 26 May 2006.

Annan Says Coalition May Be Violating Law
Nick Wadhams. The Associated Press, 08 March 2006. Posted on the Common Dreams website.

Humanitarian Intervention and the War in Iraq: Norms, Discourse and State Practice
Eric A. Heinze. Parameters, Spring 2006 (.pdf file).

Humanitarian Intervention After Iraq: Legal Ideals vs. Military Realities
James Kurth. Foreign Policy Research Institute, Winter 2005 (.pdf file).

An Illegal War
Kofi Annan. New York Review of Books, 21 October 2004.

The War Was Illegal
The Guardian, 17 September 2004.

Risk-Transfer Militarism and the Legitimacy of War after Iraq
Martin Shaw. 30 June 2004. Posted on the Foreign Policy in Focus website (.pdf file).

Resolution 1546
United Nations Security Council, 08 June 2004. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Key Points: UN Resolution
BBC News, 08 June 2004.

One Incident. Forty Dead. Two Stories. What Really Happened?
Justin Huggler. The Independent, 21 May 2004.

Blix:  Iraq War Was Illegal
Anne Penketh and Andrew Grice. The Independent, 05 March 2004. Posted on the Truthout website.

UN Iraq Resolution: Full Text
United Nations Security Council. BBC News, 22 May 2003.

Law Unto Themselves
Richard Norton-Taylor. Guardian, 14 March 2003. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

War Would Be Illegal
Ulf Bernitz, et. al. The Guardian, 07 March 2003.

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International Appeal by Lawyers and Jurists Against the "Preventive" Use of Force
New York, NY: International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, March 2003 (.pdf file). Posted on the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy Website.

Preemptive War:  Is it Legal?
Stephen Murdoch. DC BAR, Janauary 2003.

No-Fly Zones: The Legal Position
BBC News, 18 November 2002.

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