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War Report
Iraq and Afghanistan war news and analysis from around the web.

The RMA Debate
"Revolution in Military Affairs" and US military transformation: articles and reports.

Defense Strategy Review
US defense strategy and military planning: reports, articles, debates, documents.

Chinese Military Power
China's military policy, strategy, and armed forces: articles, reports, commentary.

Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Security
Reports and articles on terrorism, counter-terrorism, and homeland security.

Occupation Distress
The effect of recent wars on US armed forces and military readiness.


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When the Cold War ended without a catastrophic third world war we were indeed fortunate. We are less fortunate that the fundamental practice of international security remains very much as it has been for the last sixty years... and that is reason for great concern!

The behavior of leading nation states we witness today could result in polarization once again into dangerously armed antagonistic camps. In part this continuity in the practice of security policy reflects a failure of imagination and a lack of political will among national leaders who have neglected the opportunities that became available once the hyper-armed antagonism of the Cold War was resolved.

Despite the uninspired or regressive leadership of the present period, it remains likely that over the course of this century and the next the necessary international norms and legal means will evolve to make large-scale war between nations essentially unthinkable as an option in instances of conflict; conflicts will be routinely settled by other, non-violent, means.

This world-without-war will not arrive soon, ... but it will come sooner as we invest more in the incremental knowledge and reforms that will help make the way. Poet Lewis Hyde has written, "...without imagination we can do no more than spin the future out of the logic of the present."  PDA's mission is to produce informed criticism of contemporary policy-making and to contribute some of the imagination for change that is required.

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