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An agreement regarding the temporary U.S. presence in Iraq and its activities and withdrawal from Iraq, between the United States and the Iraqi government ("final draft" 13 October 2008)
English translation by Raed Jarrar of Arabic photo-copy text from Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed, 20 October 2008. First published by the American Friends Service Committee, 21 October 2008.

Mission Creep: How to Stay in Iraq for 1,000 Years
Frida Berrigan. Mother Jones, 22 August 2008.

A Permanent Presence? Dangers of a Long-Term U.S. Security Commitment to Iraq
John Isaacs and Travis Sharp. Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, 29 January 2008.

Bush Trying to Sidestep Congress on Permanent Bases Question
Elana Schor. The Guardian, 29 January 2008.

Negotiating Our Future in Iraq
Brian Beutler. The American Prospect, 24 January 2008.

Long-Term Pact with Iraq Raises Questions
Guy Raz. NPR, 24 January 2008.

The Proposed U.S. Security Commitment to Iraq: What Will Be In It and Should It Be a Treaty?
Hearing of the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight and Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, 23 January 2008 (.pdf file).

U.S. Permanent Presence in Iraq Will Be Fight of 2008
Travis Sharp. Iraq Insider, 17 January 2008.

U.S. Paid $32 Million for an Iraqi Base Never Built
Matt Kelley. USA Today, 14 December 2007.

Iraq Rejects Permanent U.S. Bases
Peter Graff. Reuters, 11 December 2007.

Green Zone Green Light
Salah Hemeid. Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 06-12 December 2007.

Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' Exposed: Bush Negotiates Permanent Presence in Iraq
Marjorie Cohn. AlterNet, 04 December 2007.

Iraq as a Pentagon Construction Site
Tom Engelhardt. TomDispatch.com, 02 December 2007.

Iraq Politicians Oppose US Pact
BBC News, 27 November 2007.

Permanent Bases in Iraq? How About Permanent Civil War?
William M. Arkin. WashingtonPost.com, 27 November 2007.

U.S. and Iraq to Negotiate Pact on Long-Term Relations
Thom Shanker and Cara Buckley. The New York Times, 27 November 2007.

Iraqis May Offer U.S. Deal to Stay Longer
Qassim Abdul-Zahra. The Associated Press, 26 November 2007.

White House Releases 'Principles' for Permanent Iraqi Presence
Spencer Ackerman. Talking Points Memo, 26 November 2007.

U.S.-Iraq Declaration of Principles for Friendship and Cooperation
White House, 26 November 2007

U.S. Military Bases in Foreign Nations: A Summary of the Pentagon's Data
Valerie Reed. Straus Military Reform Project, Center for Defense Information, 16 November 2007.

Long-Term Presence Planned at Persian Gulf Terminals Viewed as Vulnerable
Chip Cummins. Wall Street Journal, 12 November 2007. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Going Long in Iraq
Greg Bruno. Council on Foreign Relations, 03 October 2007.

U.S. Needs 'Long-Term Presence' in Iraq, Gates Says
David S. Cloud. The New York Times, 27 September 2007.

The Possible Costs to the United States of Maintaining a Long-Term Military Presence in Iraq
Congressional Budget Office, 20 September 2007 (.pdf file).

House Resolution Rejects Permanent Bases in Iraq
Carl Hulse. The New York Times, 26 July 2007.

Democrat-Led House Lays Legal Groundwork for Korea-Style Bases in Iraq
Jim Lobe. LobeLog.com, 22 June 2007.

How Permanent Are Those Bases?
Tom Engelhardt. TomDispatch, 07 June 2007.

Iraqi Kurdistan Officials Deny US Bases to be Opened in Kurdistan Region
Hawlati. Translated by USG Open Source and posted on Informed Comment, 31 May 2007.

U.S. Mulls Permanent Iraq Presence? MRAPs vs. EFPs
Greg Hoadley. IraqSlogger.com, 31 May 2007.

Why There Was No Exit Plan
Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg. San Francisco Chronicle , 30 April 2007.

U.S. Twists Civilian Arms to Fill Fortress Baghdad
Guy Dinmore. Financial Times, 08 January 2007.

The Uncovered War: Permanent Bases in Iraq
Tom Engelhardt. The Nation Blog, 17 November 2006.

U.S. Building Military Airfield in Iraq
United Press International, 18 October 2006. Posted on the Washington Times website.

House Passes Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases
Noam N. Levey. Los Angeles Times, 27 September 2006.

'Iraq Is Not in Chaos'
Interview with Jalal Talabani by Lally Weymouth. Washington Post, 25 September 2006.

Leaving Iraq Is Not Enough
Thomas Gale Moore. Antiwar.com, 30 August 2006.

Iraq War Bill Deletes U.S. Military Base Prohibition
Richard Cowan. Reuters, 10 June 2006.

Why the U.S. Military Is in Iraq to Stay
Michael Hirsh. Newsweek, 01 May 2006. Posted on 24 April 2006.

Why Americans May Never Leave Iraq
Michael Hirsh. Newsweek, 19 April 2006.

Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq are Immoral
Adil E. Shamoo. Foreign Policy in Focus, 19 April 2006.

Senators Scale Back Funding for Building Projects in Iraq
Peter Spiegel. Los Angeles Times, 05 April 2006.

U.S. Bases in Iraq: A Costly Legacy
David R. Francis. The Christian Science Monitor, 03 April 2006.

Iraq Bases Spur Questions Over U.S. Plans
Becky Branford. BBC News, 30 March 2006.

Bush's Requests for Iraqi Base Funding Make Some Wary of Extended Stay
Peter Spiegel. Los Angeles Times, 24 March 2006.

U.S. Plans New Bases in the Middle East
William M. Arkin. Washington Post, 22 March 2006.

Extended U.S. Presence in Iraq?
Charles J. Hanley. The Associated Press, 21 March 2006. Posted on the MSNBC website.

Abizaid Says U.S. May Want to Keep Bases in Iraq
Vicki Allen. Reuters, 15 March 2006.

Iraq: Permanent U.S. Colony
Dahr Jamail. Truthout, 14 March 2006.

U.S. Won't Leave Garrisons Behind in Iraq: Senior U.S. Officer
Pat Reber. Deutsche Presse-Agentur, 22 February 2006. Posted on the Monsters and Critics website.

Can You Say "Permanent Bases"? The American Press Can't
Tom Engelhardt. TomDispatch.com, 14 February 2006.

Secret Plan to Keep U.K. Troops Permanently in Iraq
Brian Brady. Scotland on Sunday, 05 February 2006.

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The U.S. Digging In For a Long Stay in Iraq
Aljazeera.com, 04 January 2006.

End this Evasion on Permanent Army Bases in Iraq
Gary Hart. Financial Times, 03 January 2006.

'Failure Is Not an Option'
Michael Hirsch. Newsweek, 07 November 2005.

The Danger of Seeking Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq
W. Andrew Terrill. Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College, November 2005 (.pdf file).

Rice Remarks With Tajik Foreign Minister Nazarov
U.S. State Department, 14 October 2005. Posted on the Scoop New Zealand website.

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia's Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq
David Phinney. CorpWatch, 03 October 2005. Posted on the Information Clearing House website.

Permanent Occupation
Barbara Lee. In These Times, 29 September 2005. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

Iraq, Afghan Commitments Fuel U.S. Air Base Construction
Bradley Graham. Washington Post, 17 September 2005.

Leaving Iraq
Bangor Daily News, 18 August 2005.

Basic Questions About Bases
Ashraf Fahim. Asia Times, 06 August 2005.

Bases, Bases, Everywhere
Tom Engelhardt. TomDispatch, 02 June 2005. Posted on the Truthout website.

US Plans Four Permanent Bases in Iraq
Islam Online, 24 May 2005.

US To Consolidate Forces into Four Huge Bases in Iraq
Tom Regan. Christian Science Monitor, 23 May 2005.

Billions More for Military Contractors and Permanent Bases
Aaron Glantz. Antiwar.com, 14 April 2005.

Military Construction in Support of Afghanistan and Iraq
Amy Belasco and Daniel Else, Congressional Research Service, 11 April 2005. Posted on the Commowealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Iranian Options
Paul Rogers. Open Democracy, 24 February 2005.

Permanent Iraqi Presence Not Ruled Out
Elana Schor. Sun Herald, 17 February 2005.

A Permanent Presence
Ari Berman. The Daily Outrage (Nation Blog), 18 January 2005.

Options for Changing the Army's Overseas Basing
Congressional Budget Office, May 2004. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Rebasing, Revisited
Thomas Donnelly. American Enterprise Institute, December 2004. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

'Enduring Bases' in Iraq: US Presence for Decades
Iraq News Net, 01 October 2004. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

US Bases in Iraq: Sticky Politics, Hard Math
David R. Francis. Christian Science Monitor, 30 September 2004.

Iraq Facilities
Global Security.org, April 2004.

14 'Enduring Bases' Set in Iraq
Christine Spolar. Chicago Tribune, 23 March 2004. Posted on the GlobalSecurity.org website.

After 9/11, U.S. Policy Built on World Bases
James Sterngold. San Francisco Chronicle, 21 March 2004.

U.S. to Keep 20 Bases in Iraq Through 2006
World Tribune, 18 March 2004.

Soldier for the Truth
Marc Cooper. LA Weekly, 20 February 2004.

Permanent Bases in Iraq
Doug Giebel. Counterpunch, 06 January 2004.

Is It the Bases?
Jim Lobe. Inter Press Service, 28 November 2003.

US to Establish Permament Military Bases in Iraq
Ahmad Sabri. Al-Arab Al-Yawm, 19 November 2003. Posted on the Truth Seeker website.

No Exit Victory Strategy
USS Clueless, 02 October 2003.

Kurd Leader Open to U.S. Bases in Iraq
CNN, 29 May 2003.

US Wants Permanent Access to Military Bases in Post-War Iraq
Donald Macintyre. The Independent, 21 April 2003. Posted on the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace website.

U.S. Eyes Future Bases in Iraq
CNN, 21 April 2003.

America Plans Military Bases in Iraq to Apply Pressure on Middle East
Toby Harnden. The Telegraph, 21 April 2003.

With Iraqi Bases, a Strategic Shift
Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt. New York Times, 21 April 2003. Posted on the International Herald Tribune website.

Pentagon Expects Long-Term Access to Four Key Bases in Iraq
Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt. New York Times, 19 April 2003. Posted on the Truthout website.

Gaining a Military Foothold
New York Times, 19 April 2003. Posted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.

Realignment of Foreign Basing of U.S. Troops
Thomas Donnelly. American Enterprise Institute, 05 March 2003.

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