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This page was last updated in March 2009 and is archived. There are about 14,000 documents and articles on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan listed and linked to here. For years to come this site should remain one the very best resource sites on these two wars.

Some small percentage of the links on this site will go bad each year. In the case of bad links you should be able to locate the publication by searching for the publication by name in quotation marks or by going to the personal webpage of the author.

Visit PDA's Defense Strategy Review Page for citations and links to more current articles on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and documents pertaining to US security strategy, force planning, and defense budgets:

Iraq war - http://www.comw.org/wordpress/dsr/tag/iraq
Afghan war - http://www.comw.org/wordpress/dsr/tag/af-pak


Archive Index by topic (2002-April 2009)

Periodic Official Reports on Iraq

Special topics pages:
Insurgent Iraq
Iraq Withdrawal & Exit Plans

Project on Defense Alternatives Reports on Iraq

Other Resource Sites


Archive Index by topic (2002-April 2009)

Periodic Official Reports

Project on Defense Alternatives Reports on Afghanistan

Other Resource Sites

Daily War News

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Archive Index

  1. Overviews
  2. Military Ops & Forces
  3. Older Military Ops & Forces (2002-2005)
  4. The Surge
  5. Civilian Casualties
  6. Humanitarian Crisis & Human Rights
  7. International Law
  8. Regional Repercussions
  9. US Politics & Public Opinion
  10. World Reaction
  11. Media Coverage
  12. Postwar Governance
  13. Older Governance articles (2002-2005)
  14. Reconstruction & Economics
  15. Oil
  16. Foreign Contractors
  17. Iraqi Politics & Groups
  18. Insurgency
  19. Iraqi Armed Forces
  20. Iraqi Opinion & Media
  21. Prisoner Abuse
  22. Weapon Inspections
  23. Cost of War
  24. Intelligence Failure
  25. Permanent Basing
  26. Secret British Memos
  27. Withdrawal
  28. Fallujah

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Periodic Official Status Reports

U.S. DOD Measuring Security & Stability in Iraq (quarterly)

USAID Iraq Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance Updates (weekly)

U.S. State Department Section 2207 Report on Iraq Relief and Reconstruction (quarterly)

U.S. State Department Iraq Weekly Status Report (weekly)

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (quarterly & various)

U.N. Iraq Documents & Secretary-General Reports (quarterly & various)

U.N. Humanitarian Update on Iraq (monthly)

U.N. Iraq Reconstruction & Development Updates

UNAMI Situation Reports (Archive)

UNAMI Documents

Multi-National Security Transition Command (various)

U.S. DOD Iraq and Afghanistan Casualty Report

Relief Web Iraq: Various Official & NGO Updates by Sector

Brookings Institution Iraq Index. Statistics on Reconstruction & Security in post-Saddam Iraq (bi-weekly)

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (daily)

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List of Resources

Iraq Oil Report
Ben Lando. United Press International.

The Iraqi Conflict
Vincent Ferraro. Mt. Holyoke College.

Special Coverage: Iraq Aftermath
Documents, Resolutions, and Reports. FindLaw Legal News.

Iraq Revenue Watch: Monitoring Iraq Reconstruction Funds, Contracts, Oil
Open Society Institute, New York.

Informed Comment - Thoughts on the Middle East, History, Islam, and Religion
Juan Cole. Weblog.

Records Released in Response to Torture FOIA Request
American Civil Liberties Union

Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict
Washington, DC

'On War' Archive
William S. Lind. Posted on the Defense and the National Interest Website.

CPA Documents
Coalition Provisional Authority, Iraq

Images of War From the Civil War to the Current Gulf War with Iraq
Media Literacy Clearinghouse. Columbia, South Carolina.

Iraq Crisis
Global Policy Forum. New York, NY.

Target Iraq
Globalsecurity.org. Alexandria, VA.

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Archive Index

  1. Overviews
  2. Military Ops & Forces
  3. Insurgency
  4. Governance
  5. Afghan Armed Forces
  6. Reconstruction
  7. Human Rights & Prisoners
  8. Global Repercussions
  9. Civilian Casualties
  10. Opium
  11. War Costs

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Periodic Official Status Reports

USAID Afghanistan Weekly Reports Archive

U.S. DOD Narcotics Control Reports with Afghanistan section (annual)

U.S. State Department South and Central Asia Reports. Includes Afghanistan Reports

Relief Web Afghanistan: Various Official & NGO Updates by Sector

Afghanistan Coalition Casualty Count (daily)

The Century Foundation Afghanistan Watch

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Afghanistan Reports Archive

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List of Resources

Torturing Democracy
National Security Archives, 2008.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
Kabul, Afghanistan.

United Nations Development Programme in Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Information Management Service
Kabul, Afghanistan.

Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict
Washington, DC

Afghanistan Reconstruction
Development Gateway. Washington, D.C.

e-Ariana Afghanistan News

Reports from Fundamentalism-Blighted Afghanistan
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Century Foundation Afghanistan Watch

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