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Strange Victory: A critical appraisal of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Afghanistan war
12 February 2002 (Executive Summary for Research Monograph #6) 16pp.
      $5.00 buy
The Paradoxes of post-Cold War US Defense Policy: An Agenda for the 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review.
5 February 2001 (Briefing Memo 18) 11pp.
      $4.00 buy
Can the United States Spend Less on Defense? Toward a Smaller, More Effecient, and More Relevant US Military.
Carl Conetta, October 2000 (Briefing Memo 17) 22pp.
      $5.00 buy
Alleged "Carrier Gap" is Out to Sea.
30 April 1999 (Briefing Memo 15) 3pp.
      $2.00 buy
The Readiness Crisis of the U.S. Air Force: A Review and Diagnosis.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. 22 April 1999 (Briefing Report 10) 73pp.
      $18.00 buy
Defense Sufficiency and Cooperation: A U.S. Military Posture for the post-Cold War Era
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. 1 March 1998 (Briefing Report 9) 54pp.
      $15.00 buy
America's New Deal with Europe: NATO Primacy and Double Expansion.
Carl Conetta. 1 January 1998 (Research Monograph 5) 28pp.
      $6.00 buy
Future Tense: An Assessment of the National Defense Panel Report.
Carl Conetta. 5 December 1997 (Briefing Memo 14) 12pp.
      $5.00 buy
Backwards into the Future: How the Quadrennial Defense Review Prepares America for the Wrong Century.
Carl Conetta. June 1997 (Briefing Memo 13) 22pp.
      $5.00 buy
U.S. Defense Posture in Global Context: A Framework for Evaluating the Quadrennial Defense Review.
May 1997 (Briefing Memo 12) 13pp.
      $5.00 buy
Post-Cold War Military Expenditures in the Context of World Spending Trends.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. January 1997 (Briefing Memo 10) 18pp.
      $4.00 buy
On the Threshold of Change: An Assessment of the South African Defence Review.
Carl Conetta, Charles Knight and Lutz Unterseher. October 1996 (Briefing Memo 11) 12pp.
      $4.00 buy
Key Issues in Current South Africa Defense Planning.
July 1996 (Briefing Memo 9) 6pp.
      $2.00 buy
Building Confidence into the Security of Southern Africa.
Carl Conetta, Charles Knight and Lutz Unterseher. July 1996, revised November 1996 (Briefing Report 7) 16pp.
      $4.00 buy
Defensive Restructuring in the Successor States of the former Yugoslavia
Carl Conetta, Charles Knight and Lutz Unterseher. March 1996 (Briefing Report 6) 12pp.
      $4.00 buy
Design for a 15,000-person UN Legion
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. (Briefing Report 8) October 1995. 11pp.
      $4.00 buy
Vital Force: A Proposal for the Overhaul of the UN Peace Operations System and for the Creation of a UN Legion.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. (Research Monograph 4) October 1995. 141 pp.
      $22.00 buy
Modernizing U.S. Air Power: Pivotal Capabilities, Trends, and Supporting Technologies
Alan Bloomgarden. 1 October 1995 (Briefing Report 5) 26pp.
      $6.00 buy
Why US Conservatives Should Support a UN Legion
John Heindenrich. PDA Research Monograph 3. April 1995. 36pp.
      $8.00 buy
Build-Down: U.S. Armed Forces Retrenchment in the Context of Modernization.
May 1994 (Briefing Memo 8) 31pp.
      $8.00 buy
Military Stability and European Security-Ten Years from Now
Lutz Unterseher. November 1993 (Research Monograph 2) 47pp.
      $10.00 buy
Rand's "New Calculus" and the Impasse of U.S. Defense Restructuring.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. August 1993 (Briefing Report 4) 33pp.
      $8.00 buy
World Order and American Power: Toward a U.S. Security Policy for the New Era.
April 1993 (Briefing Memo 7) 19pp.
      $8.00 buy
Adapting U.S. Armed Forces to the New Era: Selected Force Size and Modernization Issues.
March 1993 (Briefing Memo 6) 29pp.
      $6.00 buy
Reasonable Force: Adapting the U.S. Army and Marine Corps to the New Era.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. 20 March 1992 (Briefing Report 3) 82pp.
      $18.00 buy
After Desert Storm: Rethinking U.S. Defense Requirements.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. July 1991 (Briefing Report 2) 26pp.
      $6.00 buy
Defense Procurement Policy for the 1990s--Selected Army and Air Force Systems.
Carl Conetta and Charles Knight. March 1991 (Briefing Report 1) 43pp.
      $10.00 buy
Toward Defensive Restructuring in the Middle East.
Carl Conetta, Charles Knight and Lutz Unterseher. 1 February 1991 (Research Monograph 1) 39pp.
      $8.00 buy
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