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Is Weapon System Cost Growth Increasing? A Quantitative Assessment of Completed and Ongoing Programs
Obaid Younossi et al. RAND, 06 September 2007 (.pdf file).

Six Decades of Guided Munitions and Battle Networks: Progress and Prospects
Barry D. Watts. Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, March 2007 (.pdf file).

Confronting the Unconventional: Innovation and Transformation in Military Affairs
David Tucker. Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, October 2006 (.pdf file).

Temporal Dominance: Military Transformation and the Time Dimension of Strategy
Edwin Seah. Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore, March 2006 (.pdf file).

Spiraling Ahead
William A. Arkin. Armed Forces Journal, February 2006.

Disruptive Voice
James Blaker and Robert Holzer. Armed Forces Journal, January 2006.

The Great Transformation
Mark Williams. Technology Review, 2006.

Analyst: Advanced Networks to be Rumsfeld Legacy
Scott Nance. Defense Today, 08 December 2005. (Note: Will open as a Word document).

Sidewise Technologies: National Security and Global Power Implications
Paul Bracken. Military Review, September-October 2005 (.pdf file).

Transformation in Concept and Policy
Stephen J. Cimbala. Joint Force Quarterly, 27 June 2005 (.pdf file).

Transformation and Strategic Surprise
Colin S. Gray. Strategic Studies Institute, April 2005 (.pdf file).

Transformation During War
Merrick E. Krause. Joint Force Quarterly, 2005 (.pdf file).

The Revolution in War
Michael G. Vickers & Robert C. Martinage. Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments, December 2004.

Technology and Military Doctrine : Essays on a Challenging Relationship
I.B. Holley, Jr. Air University Press, August 2004.

Virtuous Destruction, Decisive Speed
Ralph Peters. Air War College, 17 May 2004 (.pdf file).

Keeping Pace with the Revolution in Military Affairs
William Nolte. Studies in Intelligence, January 2004. Posted on the Air War College website.

The Global Course of the Information Revolution:  Recurring Themes and Regional Variations
Richard O. Hundley, et. al. RAND, 2003.

The RMA and War Powers
Lukasz Kamienski. Strategic Insights, 2 September 2003. Center for Contemporary Conflict, Naval Postgraduate School. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Thinking Out of the Box: Reading Military Texts from a Different Perspective
Lt. Col. Phillip J. Ridderhof. Naval War College Review, Autumn 2002.

The Big Issue: Command and Combat in the Information Age
David Potts. The Occasional #45. The Strategic and Studies Combat Institute, March 2002.

A Path Toward Transformation: A Conversation with Gen. Charles E. Wilhelm, USMC (Ret.)
Center for Defense Information, 10 January 2002.

21st Century Transformation
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Remarks delivered at National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington DC, 31 January 2002.

What do we mean by "Transformation"?
Ross et al. Naval War College Review, Winter 2002. Posted on the Find Articles website.

(R)evolution in Military Affairs
UNIDIR Disarmament Forum, No. 4, 2001.

Resurrecting Transformation for the Post-Industrial Era
Douglas A. Macgregor. Defense Horizons No. 2. Center for Technology and National Security Policy. National Defense University, September 2001.

Chaos, Complexity and Conflict
Maj. Michael R. Weeks. Aerospace Chronicles, 16 July 2001.

Rumsfeld's Revolution: Is the Big Shift in Defense Really Happening At Last?
Philip Gold. Discovery Institute, 30 June 2001.

Reorganizing America's Military for the 21st Century
Event summary from conference sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, 21 June 2001.

Modern Conflict: The Reality
Steele, Robert. 20 June 2001. Posted on the Defense and National Interest Website.

The Bush Administration's Call for Defense Transformation: A Congressional Guide
Andrew Krepinevich. Washington DC: Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, 19 June 2001.

Why the Pentagon Fears Rumsfeld's Review
Philip Gold. The Seattle Times, 13 June 2001. Posted on the Discovery Institute Website.

Rumsfeld-Style Military Reform
Philip Gold. Washington Times, 8 June 2001. Posted on the Discovery Institute Website.

Rumsfeld's Reformation: The New Defense Secretary Faces Tough Choices
Loren B. Thompson. San Diego Union Tribune, 20 May 2001. Posted on the Lexington Institute Website.

The Global Technology Revolution: Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information Technology by 2015
Philip S. Antón, Richard Silberglitt, and James Schneider. Santa Monica: Rand, April 2001. Book online.

The Commission on National Security/21st Century: A Hart-Rudman Commission Primer
Charles Lathrop and Mackenzie Eaglen. Institute for Land Warfare, National Security Watch, 6 April 2001.

Transformation: Let's Get it Right this Time
Richard J. Dunn III. Parameters (Spring 2001).

The Limits of Transformation
Loren B. Thompson. Washington Post, 12 March 2001. Posted on the Lexington Institute Website.

Transforming the Armed Forces: An Agenda for Change
Paul Davis. In Richard Kugler and Ellen Frost, eds, The Global Century: Globalization and National Security. Washington DC: NDU Press, March 2001.

Information Age Anthology, Vol. III: The Information Age Military (pdf, 20 mb)
David Alberts and Daniel Papp, eds. DoD C4ISR Cooperative Research Program, March 2001 (.pdf file).

Information Age Anthology, Vol II: National Security Implications of the Information Age (pdf 25 mb)
David Alberts and Daniel Papp, eds. DoD C4ISR Cooperative Research Program, March 2001 (.pdf file).

Bush Details Plan to Focus Military on New Weaponry
David Sanger. New York Times, 14 February 2001. Posted on the NucNews website.

Why it's Time to Revolutionize the Military.
James R. Blaker and Steven J. Nider. Blueprint Magazine (February 2001). New Democrats Online.

Why it's Time to Revolutionize the Military
James R. Blaker and Steven J. Nider. Blueprint ( Winter 2001). New Democrats Online.

Military Experimentation: Time to Get Serious.
Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr. NWC Review ( Winter 2001). Posted on the Find Articles website.

The 'Marshall Plan'
Center for Security Policy Decision Brief, 12 February 2001.

The Dubious Genius of Andrew Marshall.
Jason Vest.. The American Prospect Online. 15 February 2001.

The Evolving Battlefield
John S. Foster and Larry D. Welch. Physics Today, December 2000.

The Next Twist of the RMA
Steven Metz. Parameters (Autumn 2000)

The Information Revolution and National Security
Thomas E. Copeland. Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College, August 2000.

Boon or Threat? The Information Revolution and U.S. National Security
Robert R. Tomes. Naval War College Review (Summer 2000).

A Technological Call To Arms
John P. Murtha and John B. Larson. The New Democrat Online, May 1, 2000.

Revolution in Military Affairs-An Appraisal
Kapil Kak. Strategic Analysis (April 2000)

Armed Conflict in the 21st Century: The Information Revolution and Post-Modern Warfare
Steven Metz. Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College. March 2000

Technological Change & the Future of Warfare: Introduction
Michael O'Hanlon. Chapter One from Technological Change & the Future of Warfare. Washington DC: Brookings Institution, 2000 (.pdf file).

Revolutions in Military Affairs: The Debate and the Opportunities
Northrop Grumman Review Magazine (February 1999).

Conventional Operations and Warfare: A New Era Ahead?
From Strategic Assessment. Institute for National Strategic Studies, 1999.

Information and War: Is it a Revolution?
Jeremy Shapiro. From The Changing Role of Information in Warfare. . Santa Monica: Rand, 1999.

The American Military Enterprise in the Information Age
Carl H. Builder. From The Changing Role of Information in Warfare. . Santa Monica: Rand, 1999.

National Security in the Information Age
David C. Gompert. Naval War College Review (Autumn 1998).

Preparing for the Next War: Reflections on the RMA.
Stephen Blank. From In Athena's Camp, eds., Arquilla and Ronfeldt. Santa Monica: Rand, 1997.

In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age
John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt, eds. Santa Monica: Rand, 1997.

Advanced Technology and Future Warfare
Eliot A. Cohen and Zeev Bonen. Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, 1997.

Information and Nuclear RMAs Compared
Martin Libicki. Strategic Forum 82. Institute for National Strategic Studies, July 1996.

A Revolution in Warfare
Eliot A. Cohen. Foreign Affairs (March/ April 1996). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Revolution in Military Affairs?
Theodor W. Galdi. Congressional Research Service, 11 December 1995. Posted on Federation of American Scientists Web site.

The Revolution in Military Affairs
Jeffrey McKitrick, et al. From Battlefield of the Future: 21st Century Warfare Issues Warfare Issues. Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air University Press, September 1995.

The Revolution in Military Affairs and its Interpreters: Implications for National and International Security Policy
Jacob W. Kipp. Foreign Military Studies Office, September 1995.

Information Warfare: Issues and Perspectives
John H. Miller. Institute for National Strategic Studies, March 1995.

The Revolution in Military Affairs: A Framework for Defense Planning
Michael J. Mazarr. Strategic Studies Institute, 10 June 1994.

The Prince's Dilemma:  The Art of War in the Information Age
Rafal Rohozinski. Social Science Research Council (.pdf file).

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