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Military Hackers Turn To Commercial Electronic Attack Tools
David A. Fulghum and Robert Wall. Aviation Week, 20 January 2008.

Trojan Dragons: China's International Cyber War
John J. Tkacik, Jr. The Heritage Foundation, 12 December 2007 (.pdf file).

Coping with the Dragon: Essays on PLA Transformation and the U.S. Military
Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University, December 2007 (.pdf file).

Information Warfare: An Emerging and Preferred Tool of the People's Republic of China
William G. Perry. The Center for Security Policy, October 2007 (.pdf file).

China Emerges as Leader in Cyberwarfare
Robert Marquand and Ben Arnoldy. Christian Science Monitor, 14 September 2007. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

China's Cyber Army is Preparing to March on America, says Pentagon
Tim Reid. The Times, UK, 08 September 2007.

China's Revolution in Military Affairs: Good Enough for Government Work?
Richard A. Bitzinger. RSIS Commentaries. S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 24 August 2007 (.pdf file).

Book Review: Cyber Bytes: Chinese Information-War Theory and Practice by Timothy Thomas
Maj. Eric Oliver. Strategic Insights, Center for Contemporary Conflict at the Naval Post Graduate School, May 2007.

Learning from the Best: The Chinese Response to U.S. Defence Transformation
Richard A. Bitzinger. Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore, 11 October 2006 (.pdf file).

DOD: China Fielding Cyberattack Units
Josh Rogin. Federal Computer Week Magazine Online, 25 May 2006.

A Chinese Revolution in Military Affairs?
Jason Kelly. Yale Journal of International Affairs, Spring 2006 (.pdf file).

China's Revolution in Doctrinal Affairs: Emerging Trends in the Operational Art of the Chinese People's Liberation Army
James Mulvenon and David M. Finkelstein, eds. CNA Corporation, December 2005 (.pdf file).

Chinese Build a High-Tech Army Within an Army
Robert Marquand. The Christian Science Monitor, 17 November 2005. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

Chinese Information Operations Strategies in a Taiwan Continegency
James C. Mulvenon. Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, 15 September 2005 (.pdf file).

Chinese and American Network Warfare
Timonthy L. Thomas. Joint Force Quarterly, August 2005 (.pdf file).

China's New Great Leap Forward: High Technology and Military Power in the Next Half-Century
Hudson Institute, 2005 (.pdf file).

The Russian Origins of China's Revolution in Military Affairs
China Brief, 24 June 2004. Jamestown Foundation.

Modernizing China's Military: A High-Stakes Gamble?
Howard M. Krawitz. Strategic Forum, Institute for National Security Studies, NDU, December 2003 (.pdf file).

China and the Battlefield in Space
Larry M. Wortzel. Heritage Foundation, 15 October 2003.

Foreign High-Tech R&D in China:  Risks, Rewards, and Implications for U.S.-China Relations
Kathleen Walsh. The Henry L. Stimson Center, 2003 (.pdf file).

China's Revolution in Doctrinal Affairs: Emerging Trends in the Operational Art of the Chinese People's Liberation Army
James Mulvenon and David M. Finkelstein, eds. The CNA Corporation, 2003 (.pdf file).

Chinese Media and the Information Revolution
Shanthi Kalathil. Harvard Asia Quarterly, Winter 2002. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace website.

China as a Space Power
A.V. Lele. Strategic Analysis, April/June 2002. Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses. Posted on the CIAO website.

Information Technology, Sovereignty, and Democratization in China
Doug Guthrie. Social Science Research Council, 2002.

Chinese Information Warfare: A Phantom Menace or Emerging Threat?
Toshi Yoshihara. Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, November 2001.

The Internet in China: Civilian and Military Uses
Timothy Thomas. Information & Security, 2001. Posted on the International Relations and Security Network website.

The Military Potential of China's Commercial Technology (online book)
Roger Cliff. Santa Monica: Rand Corp., 2001.

The Diffusion of the Internet in China.
Seymour Goodman and William Foster. Stanford: Center for International Security and Cooperation, November 2000.

Like Adding Wings to the Tiger: Chinese Information War Theory and Practice
Timothy L. Thomas. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas: Foreign Military Studies Office, November 2000.

Cyberspace with Chinese Characteristics
Kathleen Hartford. Current History, September 2000. Posted on the China Wired website.

The People's Liberation Army Looks to the Future.
Major Charles F. Hawkins (ret). Joint Force Quarterly (Summer 2000)

The Four Futures: Competing Schools of Military Thought inside the PLA
Charles F. Hawkins. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research Website. March 2000.

Chinese Views of Future Warfare
Michael Pillsbury. Institute for National Strategic Studies.

War Without Rules
Ming Zhang. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (December 1999).

Unrestricted Warfare (.pdf)
Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts/par Publishing House, February 1999.

West Meets East: Chinese and Western Researchers Exchange Views on the Revolution in Military Affairs
Robert Butler, Charles Hawkins, and Timothy Thomas. HERO Library, 8 February 1999.

Behind the Great Firewall of China: A Look at RMA/IW Theory From 1996-1998
Timothy L. Thomas. Foreign Military Studies Office, November 1998. Posted on the Information Warfare webiste.

China and the Revolution in Military Affairs
Bates Gill and Lonnie Henley. Strategic Studies Institute, 20 May 1996. Posted on the Federation of American Scientists website.

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