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A Mechanism to Stabilize U.S.-China-Japan Trilateral Relations in Asia
Shulong Chu. The Brookings Institution, January 2008.

Guang: China and the United States 'Do Not Have Strategic Conflicts' in Africa
Yang Guang. Interviewed by Stephanie Hanson. Council on Foreign Relations, 28 November 2007.

What Resource Wars?
David G. Victor. The National Interest, 12 November 2007.

African Perspectives on China
Mauro De Lorenzo. China Brief, American Enterprise Institute, 03 October 2007.

Growing Chinese Energy Demand: Is the World in Denial?
Malcolm Shealy and James P. Dorian. Center for Strategic and International Studies, October 2007 (.pdf file).

China's Expansion into and U.S. Withdrawal from Argentina's Telecommunications and Space Industries and the Implications for U.S. National Security
Janie Hulse. Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 13 September 2007.

Africa-China-U.S. Trilateral Dialogue: Summary Report
Council on Foreign Relations, 11 September 2007 (.pdf file).

China's Quest for Overseas Oil
Erica Downs. Far Eastern Economic Review, September 2007 (.pdf file).

New China Worries: The Chinese Military is Snapping up the Latest in Cutting-Edge Western Technology: Is That Good?
Adam Segal. The International Economy, Fall 2007 (.pdf file).

China, the Philippines, and U.S. Influence in Asia
Renato Cruz De Castro. Asian Outlook, American Enterprise Institute, 06 July 2007.

China's Mixed Role in Africa
Robert I. Rotberg. The Boston Globe, 23 June 2007. Posted on the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs website at Harvard University.

Assessing China's Growing Influence in Africa
Bates Gill, Chin-hao Huang and J. Stephen Morrsion. China Security, World Security Institute, Summer 2007 (.pdf file).

China and America Need Not Be Energy Rivals
Daniel Yergin. Financial Times, 20 May 2007. Posted on the Brookings Institution website.

A Match Made in Heaven? Strategic Convergence Between China and Russia
Kyrre Elvenes Braekhus and Indra Øverland. China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program, May 2007 (.pdf file).

China and Africa: A New Scramble?
Mauro de Laurenzo. China Brief, 05 April 2007. Posted on the American Enterprise Institute on 06 April 2007.

The Rise of China and the Interests of the U.S.
Carl Minzer. Council on Foreign Relations, April/May 2007.

Sino-Japanese Rivalry: Implications for U.S. Policy
Institute for National Strategic Studies at National Defense University, April 2007 (.pdf file).

Political Warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa: U.S. Capabilities and Chinese Operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa
Donovan C. Chau. Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, March 2007 (.pdf file).

China's Rise and Transatlantic Tensions
Philip H. Gordon. International Herald Tribune, 12 February 2007. Posted on the Brookings Institution website.

The Rise of China: Regional and Global Power Shifts
Center for Security Studies, February 2007 (.pdf file).

China, Africa, and Oil
Esther Pan. Council on Foreign Relations, 26 January 2007.

Is China a Threat to the U.S. Economy?
Craig K. Elwell, Marc Labonte and Wayne M. Morrison. Congressional Research Service, updated 23 January 2007 (.pdf file).

China's Global Quest for Energy
Cindy Hurst. Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, January 2007 (.pdf file).

U.S.-Sino Relations in Space: From 'War of Words' to Cold War in Space?
Teresa Hitchens. China Security, World Security Institute, Winter 2007 (.pdf file).

Facing China's Rise: Guidelines for an EU Strategy
Philip Andrews-Speed et al. Institute for Security Studies, December 2006 (.pdf file).

China, Russia, and the Balance of Power in Central Asia
Eugene B. Rumer. Strategic Forum, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University, November 2006 (.pdf file).

China's Rise and U.S. Influence in Asia: A Report from the Region
Robert G. Sutter. The Atlantic Council of the United States, July 2006 (.pdf file).

Pakistan-China Relations: Recent Developments (Jan-May 2006)
Urvashi Aneja. Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, June 2006.

China's Relations With Latin America: Shared Gains, Asymmetric Hopes
Jorge I. Dominguez. Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, June 2006 (.pdf file).

The Oil Weapon: Myth of China's Vulnerability
Bruce Blair, Chen Yali and Eric Hagt. China Security, World Security Institute, Summer 2006 (.pdf file).

Averting a New Great Game in Central Asia
Richard Weitz. The Washington Quarterly, Summer 2006 (.pdf file).

The Arabs Take a Chinese Wife: Sino-Arab Relations in the Decade to Come
Chas W. Freeman, Jr. Speech to the World Affairs Council of Northern California at Asilomar, 07 May 2006.

The Implication of China's Rise for Asia and Europe
Linda Jakobson. Finnish Institute of International Affairs, 02 May 2006 (.pdf file).

NBR Analysis
Richard J. Ellings, Kenneth Lieberthal and Mikkal Herberg. National Bureau of Asian Research, April 2006 (.pdf file).

Developing a European Security Perspective on China
Marcin Zaborowski. EU Institute for Security Studies, 03 March 2006 (.pdf file).

Monitoring China's Meddling
Tom Donnelly. Armed Forces Journal, February 2006.

The Strategic Considerations of the Sino-Saudi Oil Deal
Jianjun Tu. China Brief. The Jamestown Foundation, 15 February 2006.

China's Emergence and its Implications for the United States
Jeffrey A. Bader. The Brookings Institution, 14 February 2006.

China's Stake in Iran
Jeffrey A. Bader and Richard C. Bush III. The Wall Street Journal, 06 February 2006. Posted on the Brookings Institution website.

China's Rise: The Return of Geopolitics?
Gudrun Wacker, ed. German Institute for International and Security Affairs, February 2006 (.pdf file).

China, a Trade Superstar, Accumulates Foreign Currency (and Anxiety)
David Lague. International Herald Tribune, 17 January 2006. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

China, Africa, and Oil
Esther Pan. Council on Foreign Relations, 12 January 2006.

U.S.-China Ideological Rivalry Heats Up
Eric Teo Chu Cheow. The Japan Times, 05 January 2006. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

Narcotics and China: An Old Security Threat from New Sources
Niklas Swanstrom. China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, 2006 (.pdf file).

China's Rise: Implications for U.S. Leadership in Asia
Robert G. Sutter. East-West Center, 2006 (.pdf file).

Managing China-U.S. Energy Competition in the Middle East
Flynt Leverett and Jeffrey Bader. The Washington Quarterly, Winter 2005-2006. Posted on the Brookings Institution website (.pdf file).

Strategic Hedging and the Future of Asia-Pacific Stability
Evan S. Medeiros. The Washington Quarterly, Winter 2005-2006 (.pdf file).

The Rise of China's Soft Power
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. The Wall Street Journal, Asia edition, 29 December 2005. Posted on the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs website at Harvard University.

Rise of Asian Powerhouse Challenges Economic Order
Mure Dickie. Financial Times, 29 December 2005.

China Swiftly Rewriting Global Political Rules
Martin Jacques. The Guardian, 10 December 2005. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

China and U.S. 'on Collision Course over Oil'
Eugene Low. Straits Times, 02 December 2005. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

The Globalization of Corporate China
Friedrich Wu. The National Bureau of Asian Research, December 2005 (.pdf file).

The Chinese Shadow
Robert Skidelsky. The New York Review of Books, 17 November 2005.

The U.S.-China Relationship: Policy Goals
Esther Pan. Council on Foreign Relations, 11 November 2005. Posted on the International Institute for Strategic Studies website.

Q&A: China's Military Threat
Esther Pan. The New York Times, 24 October 2005. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

China's Search for Stability With America
Wang Jisi. Foreign Affairs, September/October 2005.

Power Politics: China, Russia, and Peace Mission 2005
Martin Andrews. China Brief, 27 September 2005.

A Story of Leaders, Partners, and Clients
Zia Mian. Foreign Policy in Focus, 27 September 2005.

The Significance of Sino-Russian Military Exercises
Power and Interest in News Report, 14 September 2005.

Coping with China as an Economic Power
Jens van Scherpenberg. German Institute for International and Security Affairs, 04 September 2005.

The U.S./China Strategic Relationship
Michael May. Strategic Insights, September 2005.

U.S.-China Strategic Dialogue
Christopher P. Twomey, et. al. Naval Post Graduate School, 1-3 August 2005.

The Rise of China
James Kurth. Foreign Policy Research Institute, 15 July 2005.

The Waking Dragon
Ian Bremmer. In the National Interest, July 2005.

Chinese Influence on the Rise in Latin America
Saul Landau. Foreign Policy in Focus, 23 June 2005 (.pdf file).

Emergence of China in the Asia-Pacific: Economic and Security Consequences for the U.S.
Christopher R. Hill. Testimony before the Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate, 07 June 2005.

U.S. National Security Implications of Chinese Involvement in Latin America
R. Evan Ellis. Strategic Studies Institute, June 2005 (.pdf file).

Dragon, Eagle, and Rising Sun
James Kitfield, Air Force Magazine, June 2005 (.pdf file).

The Risks and Rewards of China's Deepening Ties with the Middle East
John Calabrese. China Brief, Jamestown Foundation, 24 May 2005.

China and India: Rivals or Partners_
Pramit Mitra and Drew Thompson. Far Eastern Economic Review, CSIS, April 2005 (.pdf file).

The China Challenge: Is America Headed for Second Place?
David M. Lampton. Boston Globe, 13 March 2005.

China Rising: The Awakening of an Economic Giant and, Perhaps, a Nascent Superpower
John Pomfret. Washington Post, 13 March 2005. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Global Views on China
Program on International Policy Attitudes, March 2005. Posted on the Globe Scan website.

China's Rise in Asia: Promises, Prospects and Implications for the United States
Robert G. Sutter. Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, February 2005 (.pdf file).

Special Report: China Rising
Carnegie Endowment, January 2005 (.pdf file).

The Economic Ascent of China and the Potential for Restructuring the Capitalist World Economy
Paul S. Ciccantell and Stephen G. Bunker. Journal of World-Systems Research, Fall 2004 (.pdf file).

The Oil that Troubles US-China Waters
Travis Tanner. Asia Times, 18 June 2004.

Blair Could Make a Strategic Error on China
John Tkacik, Jr. and Nile Gardiner. Heritage Foundation, 7 June 2004 (.pdf file).

Learning from the Stones: a Go Approach to Mastering China's Strategic Concept, SHI
David Lai. Strategic Studies Institute, May 2004 (.pdf file).

The Central Asian Dimension of Chinese Military Strategy
Stephen Blank. China Brief, 13 May 2004. Jamestown Foundation.

US-China Economic Ties: Key for Asian Stability
Travis Tanner. In the National Interest, 28 April 2004.

China's Changing Role in Asia
Wang Jisi. Atlantic Council, January 2004 (.pdf file).

The Unoptimistic Situation of the South China Sea: Facing the Stepped up Military Infiltration by the US, Japan and India
Outlook East Weekly, 12 January 2004. Posted on the US China Commission web site.

China's Worries at Sea
Global Times,, 02 January 2004. Posted on the US China Commission web site.

The Age of Uncertainty: The U.S.-China-Japan Triangle from Tiananmen (1989) to 9/11 (2001)
Ezra F. Vogel, Yuan Ming and Akihiko Tanaka, eds. Harvard University Asia Center, 2004 (.pdf file).

Sun Tzu or Apollo Redux?
Joan Johnson-Freese. Naval War College Review, Summer 2003 (.pdf file).

Is China a Status Quo Power?
Alastair Iain Johnston. International Security, Spring 2003 (.pdf file).

New Developments in Chinese Strategic Psychological Warfare
Timothy L. Thomas. Special Warfare, April 2003 (.pdf file).

The Effects and Consequences of an Emerging China
Larry M. Wortzel. Testimony before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, 20 March 2003. Posted on the Heritage Foundation website.

Is Chinese Military Modernization a Threat to the United States?
Ivan Eland. Policy Analysis, 23 January 2003 (.pdf file).

Multilateralism and Security Cooperation in China
Akiko Fukushima. An Alliance for Engagement: Building Cooperation in Security Relations with China. The Henry L. Stimson Center, September 2002.

Chinese-Box Approach to International Conflict
Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. Asia Times, 31 July 2002.

China: Red Menace, or Misread?
Bruce Einhorn. BusinessWeek Online, 29 July 2002.

Debate 2: Does China's Rapid Military Buildup Threaten U.S. Interests In East Asia? NO, not like the Soviet Union once did.
Lawrence J. Korb. Insight on the News, 15 July 2002. Posted on the Council on Foreign Relations website.

The Yellow Peril Revisited
Jim Lobe and Tom Barry. Global Affairs Commentary, Foreign Policy in Focus, 12 July 2002.

China's Military Strategy Towards the U.S.: A View from Open Sources
Michael Pillsbury. U.S.-China Commission, 2 November 2001.

The Costs of Conflict: The Impact on China of a Future War
Andrew Scobell, ed. Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, October 2001.

An Evitable War: Engaged Containment and the US-China Balance
Roy C. Howle, Jr. US Army War College Quarterly (Autumn 2001).

China's Challenge to Pax Americana
Evan Feigenbaum. Washington Quarterly (Summer 2001).

Can China Conquer Taiwan?
Michael O'Hanlon. International Security (Fall 2000) Posted on the Brookings Institution Web site.

China Rising: New Challenges to the U.S. Security Posture
Jason D. Ellis and Todd M. Koca. Strategic Forum (October 2000). Posted on the CIAO website.

Is China a Military Threat? -- video transcript
America's Defense Monitor Online, 11 June 2000

China in the Ascendancy: A Growing Threat to US Security?
Rep. Bob Stump, chairman, US House Armed Service Committee. National Security Report, May 2000. Posted on the Science Technology and Information Network website.

Chinese Military Power and American Security Interests.
Jonathan D. Pollack. SAIS Policy Forum Series. May 2000.

China, Nuclear Weapons, and Arms Control
Robert Manning, Ronald Montaperto, and Brad Roberts. Report from roundtable sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, National Defense University, and the Institute for Defense Analysis. April 2000. Posted on the Find Articles website.

Interpreting China's Grand Strategy: Past, Present, and Future
Michael D. Swaine & Ashley J. Tellis. Santa Monica: Rand, 2000.

Patterns in China's Use of Force: Evidence from History and Doctrinal Writings
Mark Burles & Abram N. Shulsky. Santa Monica: Rand, 2000.

Deterrence Theory and Chinese Behavior
Abram N. Shulsky. Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corporation, 2000.

U.S. China Security Relations
James H. Nolt. Foreign Policy In Focus Policy Briefs, Volume 3, Number 19. April 1999.

China's Military Posture and the New Economic Geopolitics
Dr. Evan A. Feigenbaum. Baker Institute, Rice University, 1999. Posted on the Naval Postgraduate School website.

Strategic Implications of China's Naval Modernization
M. Ehsan Ahrari. Global Beat, October 1998.

Chinese Military Modernization and Asian Security
Michael Swaine. Asia/ Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, August 1998. Posted on the CIAO website.

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