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China's Challenge
Roger Cliff. San Diego Union-Tribune, 29 July 2007. Posted on the RAND website.

What To Do About China
Dennis Blair. Ottawa Citizen, 28 April 2007. Posted on the website.

China and the U.S.: To Hedge or Engage
David Shambaugh and Karl F. Inderfurth. YaleGlobal, 11 April 2007.

The Pentagon Gets China Right
Robert R. McLean. Front Page Magazine, 07 June 2006.

The Perils of Threat Inflation
William S. Lind. Defense and the National Interest, 03 June 2006.

Get Serious About China's Rising Military
Dan Blumenthal. Washington Post, 25 May 2006. Posted on the American Enterprise Institute website.

League of Dictators?
Robert Kagan. Washington Post, 30 April 2006. Posted on the Global Policy Forum website.

No Rest for 'China Threat' Lobby
Gregory Clark. The Japan Times, 07 January 2006. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

Get Real About China
Center for Security Policy, 15 November 2005.

The Chinese Are Our Friends
Thomas P.M. Barnett. Esquire, 01 November 2005.

What to Do About China
Richard N. Haass. U.S. News & World Report, 14 June 2005. Posted on the Council on Foreign Relations website.

China Shifts Centre of Gravity
Henry Kissinger. The Australian, 13 June 2005. Posted on the Taiwan Security Research website.

Act Now to Stop a Space Arms Race
Hui Zhang. Financial Times, 10 June 2005. Posted on the BCSIA, Harvard University website.

War with China?
William S. Lind. On War, 18 May 2005. Posted on the Defense and the National Interest website.

What Beijing Must Do
Kevin C. Scott. South China Morning Post, 06 January 2004. Posted on the Brookings Institution website.

How the Bush Administration should Handle China and South china Sea Maritime Territorial Disputes
Dana R. Dillon. Backgrounder No. 1470 . Washington DC: The Heritage Foundation, 5 September 2001.

Adjusting to China's New Road
Nicholas Berry. CDI Asia Forum, 8 August 2001.

Sino-U.S. Relations: In Search of a New Slogan
Ralph A. Cossa. PacNet Newsletter #29A, 20 July 2001.

Beijing Rules. But It's Got A Host of Problems
Robert A. Manning. Washington Post, 15 July 2001. Posted on the TSR Website.

Don't Antagonize China
Samuel R. Berger. Washington Post, 8 July 2001. Posted on the TSR Website.

Going Too Far Bush's Pledge to Defend Taiwan
Ted Galen Carpenter. Foreign Policy Briefing No. 66. Washington DC: Cato Institute, 30 May 2001.

Not So Deft On Taiwan
Joseph R. Biden Jr. Washington Post, 2 May 2001. Posted on TSR Website.

At Last, Straight Talk on China
Robert Kagan. Washington Post, 29 April 2001. Posted on TSR Website.

Ally Chastens Bush Over Taiwan Outburst
Chalmers Johnson. LA Times, 29 April 2001. Posted on TSR Website.

Accept No Substitutes on the Aegis Sale to Taiwan
Security Brief, Center for Security Policy. 23 April 2001.

Some see double standard in China flap
Indira A.R. Lakshmanan. Boston Globe, 18 April 2001.

The New Pacific Danger Zone
James R. Lilley. Newsweek, 16 April 2001. Posted on AEI Website.

China Policy, Without Regrets
Bates Gill. The New York Times, 12 April 2001. Posted on the CSIS Website (.pdf file).

Bush Asia Policy Off to a Rocky Start
Ralph Cossa. Pacific Forum CSIS. Comparitive Connections, 12 April 2001.

China Policy Full of Contradictions
E.J. Dionne, Jr. The Denver Post, 10 April 2001. Posted on Brookings Institution Website.

Bush on China: "Give It A Rest"
Frida Berrigna. Arms Control Project Update, 10 April 2001.

Staying Cool with China
Jonathan D. Pollack. The Christian Science Monitor, 5 April 2001.

Now China Is Everyone's Bad Boy
Stephanie Slater. San Francisco Chronicle, 5 April 2001.

Chinese Over-Water Torture
This article appeared in National Review Michael Ledeen. National Review, 4 April 2001. Posted on the AEI Website.

Flare-up with China
Bates Gill. Washington Post, 3 April 2001.
Posted on the CSIS Website (.pdf file).

Chinese Hardball Game
James Hackett. The Washington Times, 3 April 2001.

Is it Really Any Wonder That the Chinese Are Sore Over Spy Plane?
Tony Karon. Time (3 April 2001).

China: Enough is Enough
Larry Wortzel. Heritage Foundation Views, April 2001

Bush's Lack of a Comprehensive China Policy Spells Danger
Patrick M. Cronin and Emily Metzgar. International Herald Tribune, 26 Mar. 2001. Posted on the TSR Website.

China's Strategy of Weakness
Evan A.Feigenbaum. The Far Eastern Economic Review (1 March 2001).
Posted on the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Website.

Missile Defense Deferral Makes Asia a Safer Place
Tom Plate. LA Times, 6 September 2000. Posted on Taiwan Security Research Web site.

Beijing Must Factor Into Missile Defense Equation
Greg May. Washington DC: The Nixon Center, June 2000. Posted on the Taiwan Research Web site.

Indefensible Decisions
Zbigniew Brzezinski. Washington Post, 5 May 2000. Posted on the Taiwan Research Web site.

Taiwan Is Safe for Now
Michael O'Hanlon. Washington Post, 18 March 2000.
Posted on the Brookings Institution Website.

A Look at...The China Puzzle
Bates Gill and James Mulvenon. The Washington Post, 5 March 2000. Posted on Brookings Institution Web site.

Reality Check: U.S. House Vote Enhances Tensions, Not Taiwan's Security
Greg May. The Nixon Center, March 2000.

China's Taiwan White Paper Power Play
Stephen J. Yates. The Heritage Foundation, 29 February 2000.

China's White Paper is Counterproductive
David M. Lampton. The Nixon Center, 28 February 2000.

Awakening the Dragon: Needlessly Antagonizing China
Leon V. Sigal. Global Beat Syndicate, 24 February 2000.

Is China an Aggressive Power?
Dr. Nicholas Berry. The Defense Monitor (Issue 9, 2000)

The Chinese Security Threat: A 2000 Update
Robert L. Maginnis. Military Readiness Project, 2000.

U.S.-China Military Relations Not a One-Way Street
Ken Allen. Henry L. Stimson Center Web site. 13 December 1999. (Posted on TSR web site.)

Does China Matter?
Gerald Segal. Foreign Affairs (Sept/Oct 1999).

The U.S. Finds a New Boogeyman
Benjamin Schwarz. Los Angeles Times, 8 September 1999. Posted on Taiwan Security Research Website.

Time for a Course Correction on China
Center for Security Policy, 23 February 1999.

Power Plays . . . While There's Less to the Chinese Threat Than Meets the Eye
Bates Gill and Michael O'Hanlon. Washington Post, 20 June 1999.

Let Taiwan Defend Itself
Ted Galen Carpenter. Cato Policy Analysis No. 313. 24 August 1998.

Why China Doesn't Scare Me
Karl Zinsmeister. American Enterprise (July/ August 1998).

The Case Against Containment: Treat China Like an Enemy and That's What It Will Be
Joseph Nye. Jr. China Handbook, Global Beat, 22 June 1998.

China's Rusting Sword Despite Nuclear Status and Large Army, China has Little Offensive Capability
June Teufel Dreyer. China Handbook, Global Beat, 22 June 1998.

Second Thoughts About China's Military Power
Avery Goldstein. Foreign Policy Research Institute, April 1998.

Don't Demonize China
Michael D. Swaine. The Washington Post, 18 May 1997. Posted on Mount Holyoke International Public Relations Website.

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