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International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S. State Department, March 2008.

Clashes Over Afghanistan Poppy Fields Kill 26
James Sturcke and agencies. The Guardian, 28 February 2008.

Helmand's Opium Habit Here to Stay
Mohammad Ilyas Dayee, Aziz Ahmad Tassal and Jean MacKenzie. Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 08 February 2008.

Afghanistan: Decision Point 2008
Senlis Council, 06 February 2008.

U.N. Warns of Huge Crop of Afghan Opium Poppies
Carlotta Gall. The New York Times, 06 February 2008. (See report below)

Afghanistan: Opium Winter Rapid Assessment Survey
UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 06 February 2008 (.pdf file).

Opium Economy Will Take 20 Years and £1bn to Remove
Patrick Wintour. The Guardian, 06 February 2008. (See report below).

Afghanistan Opium: Incentives for Farmers Key to Curb Production
World Bank and UK's Department for International Development, 05 February 2008.

Counter-Narctoics to Stabilize Afghanistan: The False Promise of Crop Eradication
Barnett R. Rubin and Jake Sherman. Center for Interntional Cooperation, New York University, 04 February 2008 (.pdf file).

Poppy Seeds and Dragon's Teeth: NATO Struggles with an Opium-Funded War in Afghanistan
Robert Matthews. FRIDE, 23 January 2008. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Still Wrong in Afghanistan
Richard Holbrooke. Washington Post, 23 January 2008.

President Bush Has Made Afghanistan Safe Once Again For Opium Production
Dave Gibson. American Chronicle, 23 January 2008.

Poverty Feeds Afghan Drugs Trade
Alastair Leithead. BBC News, 22 January 2008.

Poverty and Opium Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan: Open Letter to UNODC and Reply
Barnett R. Rubin. Informed Comment Global Affairs, 18 January 2008.

From Poppies to Pomegranates
Jon Boone. The Financial Times, 13 January 2008.

Erroneous Talking Points on Opium Poppy Crop Eradication in Afghanistan
Barnett R. Rubin. Informed Comment: Global Affairs, 12 January 2008.

A Strategy to Help Afghanistan Kick its Habit
Edmund Phelps and Graciana del Castillo. Financial Times, 03 January 2008.

Tackling Afghanistan's Opium Trade with Legalization
Interview with Romesh Bhattacharji conducted by Toni Johnson. Council on Foreign Relations, 20 December 2007.

Evidence from the Field: Understanding Changing Levels of Opium Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan
David Mansfield and Adam Pain. Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, November 2007. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website on 14 December 2007 (.pdf file).

The Poppy: Helmand's Biggest Problem
Richard Norton-Taylor. The Guardian, 11 December 2007.

U.S. Backs Down Over Afghan Poppy Fields Destruction
Anna Bawden. The Guardian, 07 December 2007.

Production of Opium for Medical Purposes in Afghanistan
European Parliament recommendation to the Council, 01 December 2007 (.pdf file).

Fighting Drugs and Building Peace: Towards Policy Coherence Between Counter-Narcotics and Peace building
Barnett R. Rubin and Alexandra Guaqueta. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 30 November 2007 (.pdf file).

Afghanistan Cannabis Crop Up 40 Percent
Rahim Faiez. The Associated Press, 27 November 2007.

Opium: Legal Solutions
Dorian Jones. ISN Security Watch, 23 November 2007.

Popping the Poppy Crop
Jessica Guiney. WSI Brussels, 21 November 2007

Afghanistan 'Falling into Taliban Hands'
Richard Norton-Taylor. The Guardian, 21 November 2007. (See report below).

Stumbling into Chaos: Afghanistan on the Brink
Senlis Council, 21 November 2007 (.pdf file).

UN Says Afghanistan Under Threat From Drugs, Insurgency
Ahto Lobjakas. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 16 November 2007 (See report below).

Afghan Opium Survey 2007
UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 16 November 2007 (.pdf file).

UK's New Afghanistan Plan: Pay Farmers to Ditch Opium
Patrick Wintour. BBC News, 10 November 2007.

Afghan Struggle to Change Poppy Fields into Roads
William Grimes. The New York Times, 07 November 2007.

Afghan Poppy for Medicine Projects: An Economic Case Study
Senlis Council, November 2007 (.pdf file).

U.S. Ignores Angry Reaction to Secret Poppy Spraying Test
Jonathan S. Landay. McClatchy Newspapers, 25 October 2007.

Opium and Afghanistan: Reassessing U.S. Counternarcotics Strategy
Lt. Col. John A. Glaze. Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, 22 October 2007 (.pdf file).

Afghanistan Seeks Review of Herbicides in Poppy War
Kirk Semple. The New York Times, 22 October 2007.

Opium Funding Up to 40 Percent of Afghan Unrest: US General
Agence France-Presse, 18 October 2007.

Opium in Afghanistan: Eradicate or Subsidize?
Donald G. McNeil, Jr. International Herald Tribune, 14 October 2007.

U.S. Renews Bid to Destroy Opium Poppies in Afghanistan
Kirk Semple and Tim Golden. The New York Times, 08 October 2007.

Afghan Poppy Power
Patricia DeGennaro. HuffingtonPost, 08 October 2007.

Afghan Farmers Find Alternative to Opium: Marijuana
Jon Hemming. Reuters, 27 September 2007.

An Opium Alternative for Afghanistan
Michael Shank and Shukria Dellawar. Foreign Policy in Focus, 25 September 2007.

The Poppy Problem
Vanda Felbab-Brown. Washington Post, 21 September 2007.

Combating Opium in Afghanistan
Ali A. Jalali, Robert B. Oakley and Zoe Hunter. Strategic Forum, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University, November 2006 (.pdf file). Posted on 17 September 2007.

Inside Track: Afghan Drug Deals
Richard Weitz. The National Interest, 04 September 2007.

British Anti-Drug Effort a Failure: Afghan Official
Reuters, 02 September 2007.

Eradication or Legalisation? How to Solve Afghanistan's Opium Crisis
Declan Walsh and Ian Black. The Guardian, 29 August 2007.

Britain is Stoned at Home and Sold Out in Helmand
Simon Jenkins. The Guardian, 29 August 2007.

How Anti-Corruption Chief Once Sold Heroin in Las Vegas
Declan Walsh. The Guardian, 28 August 2007.

Afghan Opium Breaks Production Records, UN Says
Mark Tran. The Guardian, 27 August 2007. (See report below)

2007 Annual Opium Poppy Survey
UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 27 August 2007 (.pdf file).

Inside an Afghan Opium Market
Bilal Sarwary. BBC News, 27 August 2007.

Counter-Narcotics in Afghanistan II: The Value Chain, The Corruption Chain
Barnett Rubin. Informed Comment Global Affairs, 25 August 2007.

U.S. Counternarcotics Strategy for Afghanistan
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs , 21 August 2007.

Let Afghan Poppies Bloom
Editorial. The Times, 20 August 2007.

The Lost War
Misha Glenny. Washington Post, 19 August 2007.

U.S. Unveils Carrot and Stick Afghan Drug Strategy
Arshad Mohammed. Reuters, 09 August 2007.

Afghanistan at Odds With U.S. on Plan to Eradicate Opium Crop
Janine Zacharia. Bloomberg, 08 August 2007.

Opium Licensing in Afghanistan: Its Desirability and Feasibility
Vanda Felbab-Brown. The Brookings Institution, August 2007 (.pdf file).

Ambassador: Washington Will Change Its Afghan Counternarcotics Programs
Richard Weitz. Eurasia.net, 30 July 2007.

Why Afghan Opium Output Keeps Growing
Greg Jaffe. Wall Street Journal, 26 July 2007.

U.S.: Afghanistan To Break Opium Record
Fisnik Abrashi. The Associated Press, 17 July 2007. Posted on the ABC News website.

Poppy Seeds of Discontent
Peter Carlson. Washington Post, 11 July 2007.

Afghan Minister Resigns Amid New Poppy Crop
The Associated Press, 08 July 2007. Posted on the USA Today website.

The Taliban's Opium War
Jon Lee Anderson. New Yorker, 9 July 2007. Posted on 02 July 2007.

Masses of the Opium
Robert Fox. The Guardian, 27 June 2007.

Opium Production Up 50 Percent in Afghanistan: U.N. Report
Agence France-Presse, 26 June 2007. (see report below).

2007 World Drug Report
UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 26 June 2007 (.pdf file).

Afghanistan: Narcotics and U.S. Policy
Christopher M. Blanchard. Congressional Research Service, updated 19 June 2007 (.pdf file).

Afghanistan's Opium Dilemma
Mark Maathuis. United Press International, 11 June 2007.

Defeating Afghanistan's Drug Fix
Nick Grono and Joanna Nathan. The Christian Science Monitor, 31 May 2007.

Poppy Fields Are Now a Front Line in Afghanistan War
James Risen. The New York Times, 16 May 2007.

Afghanistan's Drug Trade and How it Funds Taliban Operations
Hayder Mili and Jacob Townsend. Jamestown Foundation, 10 May 2007.

The Afghan Village That Uses Opium as its Currency
Chris Sands. Belfast Telegraph, 04 May 2007.

An Opium Market Mystery
Antonio Maria Costa. Washington Post, 25 April 2007.

Nato Dumps Afghan Opium Adverts
BBC News, 25 April 2007.

Taliban Taxes Opium To Fund Insurgency
Jason Straziuso. The Associated Press, 13 April 2007.

U.S. and E.U. Anti-Drug Strategies Are Diverging
Richard Weitz. Eurasia.net, 03 April 2007.

The Poppy Problem: NATO to Legalize Afghanistan's Opium?
Der Siegel, 27 March 2007.

27kg of Opium in a Kitchen - Just Another Day in the Afghan War on Drugs
Julian Borger. The Guardian, 21 March 2007.

Record Opium Crop Possible in Afghanistan, U.N. Study Predicts
Carlotta Gall. The New York Times, 06 March 2007. (See report below).

Opium Rapid Assessment Survey
UN Office on Drugs and Crimes, February 2007 (.pdf file). Posted on 06 March 2007.

UK to Tackle Afghan Drug Lords in No-Go Valley
Julian Borger. The Guardian, 02 March 2007.

Opium Trade Undermines Afghan Democracy, U.S. Says
Arshad Mohammed. Reuters, 01 March 2007.

Good and Bad News from the Poppy Fields
Bronwen Maddox. The Times, UK, 01 March 2007.

Ruined Poppy Farmers Join Ranks With the Taleban
Tim Albone and Claire Billet. The Times, UK, 27 February 2007.

Afghan Poppy War Alienates Farmers
James Bays. Al-Jazeera, 20 February 2007.

Helmand Heads for Record Poppy Harvest
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 09 February 2007.

Afghanistan Losing War on Drugs, General Says
The Associated Press, 04 February 2007.

Former Afghan Customs Chief Says Afghanistan Losing War Against Drugs
The Associated Press, 29 January 2007.

Doctors Propose Using Afghan Opium as NHS Pain-Killer
Justin Huggler. The Independent, UK, 24 January 2007.

Burdened U.S. Military Cuts Role in Drug War
Josh Meyer. Los Angeles Times, 22 January 2007.

Opium War Revealed: Major New Offensive in Afghanistan
Raymond Whitaker. The Independent, 22 January 2007.

Ending an Opium War
Anne Applebaum. Washington Post, 16 January 2007.

Afghan Heroin's Surge Poses Danger in U.S.
Garrett Therolf. Los Angeles Times, 26 December 2006.

Afghanistan's Opium Poppies Will be Sprayed, says U.S. Drugs Tsar
Declan Walsh. The Guardian, 11 December 2006.

U.S. Anti-Drug efforts in Afghanistan to be Bolstered
Josh Meyer. Los Angeles Times, 08 December 2006.

Rough Justice and Blooming Poppies
Syed Saleem Shahzad. Asia Times, 07 December 2006.

Afghan Opium: A Failed Jihad?
Jean MacKenzie, Wahidullah Amani and Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi. Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 06 December 2006.

Poppies for Peace: Reforming Afghanistan's Opium Industry
Peter van Ham and Jorrit Kamminga. The Washington Quarterly, Winter 2006-07 (.pdf file).

How to Beat the Opium Economy
Jorrit Kamminga and Peter van Ham. International Herald Tribune, 30 November 2006.

Warning Over Afghan Drug Economy
BBC News, 28 November 2006. (See report below).

Afghanistan's Drug Industry: Structure, Functioning, Dynamics, and Implications for Counter-Narcotics Policy
Doris Buddenberg and William A. Byrd, eds. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the World Bank, 28 November 2006 (.pdf file).

Afghanistan Drug Control: Despite Improved Efforts, Deteriorating Security Threatens Success of U.S. Goals
Government Accountability Office, 15 November 2006 (.pdf file).

Afghanistan's Narcotics-Fuelled Insurgency
Jane's, 15 November 2006.

Afghanistan 'to Spray Poppy Crop'
Najiba Laima. BBC News, 07 November 2006.

Make a Drug Deal with Afghanistan
Johann Hari. Los Angeles Times, 06 November 2006.

Poppy Wars
Ann Jones and Tom Engelhardt. TomDispatch.com, 30 October 2006.

Afghanistan's Opium Babies
Rajeshree Sisodia. Al-Jazeera, 02 September 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website on 24 October 2006.

U.S. Official Says Rise in Afghan Opium Production Leading to Purer Heroin in Europe
The Associated Press, 17 October 2006.

Drugs Group in Afghan Exit Order
BBC News, 16 October 2006.

Strange Victories in Poppy Province
Declan Walsh. The Guardian, 05 October 2006.

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Just Say No to Opium-Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan
John K. Cooley. The Christian Science Monitor, 21 September 2006.

The Afghan Opium Situation
Antonio Maria Costa. Testimony before the Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives, 20 September 2006 (.pdf file).

A Poor Yield For Afghans' War on Drugs
Pamela Constable. Washington Post, 19 September 2006.

Afghan Opium Cultivation Soars 59 Percent in 2006, UNODC Survey Shows
UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 02 September 2006.

U.S.: 'Bad News' in Afghan Drug War
The Associated Press, 31 August 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Battle Against Poppy Cultivation Deepens
IRIN, 24 August 2006.

Increased Opium Farming Reported In South
Ron Synovitz. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 21 August 2006.

Afghan Opium Cultivation Hits a Record
Fisnik Abrashi. The Associated Press, 16 August 2006. Posted on the Washington Post website.

War on Drugs in Afghanistan Needs a Change of Strategy: U.N.
Agence France-Presse, 07 August 2006.

Afghanistan Reels Under Bumper Harvests
Jason Motlagh. Asia Times, 11 July 2006.

Afghan Officials Destroy 40 Tons of Confiscated Narcotics
The News, Pakistan, 06 July 2006.

DEA Says Afghanistan's Heroin Begets Violence
Jerry Seper. The Washington Times, 29 June 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

U.N. Sounds Afghanistan Opium Alert
BBC News, 26 June 2006. (See report below).

2006 World Drug Report
UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 27 June 2006.

Afghan Province to Provide One-Third of World's Heroin
Declan Walsh. The Guardian, 14 June 2006.

Inside the Afghan Drug Trade
Scott Baldauf. The Christian Science Monitor, 13 June 2006.

The War on Drugs is Not the War on Terror: Save the Afghan Poppy Fields
Camilla Cavendish. The Times, UK, 08 June 2006.

Saffron Could Help Wean Farmers Off Opium Poppies
Ron Synovitz. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 02 June 2006.

Poppy Eradication on the Cheap
Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi. Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 01 June 2006.

The Heroin Trail
Alastair Leithead. BBC News, 22 May 2006.

Integrated Social Control in Afghanistan: Implications for the Licensed Cultivation of Poppy for the Production of Medicines
Ali Wardak. Senlis Council, 14-15 May 2006 (.pdf file).

Afghan Poppy Farmers Expect Record Opium Crop and The Taliban Will Reap the Rewards
Tom Coghlan. The Independent, UK, 11 May 2006.

Afghan Peasants Bear the Brunt of Curbs on Opium
Rachel Morarjee. Financial Times, 10 May 2006.

In Afghan Poppy Heartland, New Crops, Growing Danger
Pamela Constable. Washington Post, 06 May 2006.

Boom in Fruit Exports May Discourage Poppies, Improve Security
Pajhwok News, 04 May 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

The New Opium War
Paul Rogers. Open Democracy, 04 May 2006.

An Afghan Province Where Heroin Rules
Rachel Morarjee. Financial Times Deutschland, 02 May 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Opium Wars
Tom Coughlan. The Independent, UK, 01 May 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Afghan Farmers Fight Ban on Poppy Growing
Ahmad Ihsan Sarwaryar, Nadeem Kohistani, and Zubair Babakarkhel. Pajhwok Afghan News, 26 April 2006. Posted on Antiwar.com.

Counternarcotics Efforts in Afghanistan: Recent Progress and European Support for Institutional Stability
John Walters and Tom W. Schweich. Foreign Press Center Roundtable, 10 April 2006.

Report: U.K. Cheated Afghan Poppy Growers
Gareth Harding. United Press International, 28 March 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

All in Vain as Poppy Cultivation Flourish in Country
Zubair Babakarkhel and translated by Rahman. Pajhwok News, 24 March 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Hasty Poppy Eradication in Afghanistan Can Sow More Problems
Vanda Felbab-Brown. The Christian Science Monitor, 23 March 2006.

Taliban, Poverty Fueling Afghan Opium Boom
Yousuf Azimy. Reuters, 17 March 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Afghans to Drug Lords: Keep Profits Home
The Associated Press, 14 March 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Afghan Opium Addicts Pay a High Price
Till Bruckner. ISN Security Watch, 13 March 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Drug Agents Targeting Afghan Opium Poppies
Jim Krane. The Associated Press, 07 March 2006.

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report 2006 - Southwest Asia
Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, March 2006.

'If They Destroy Our Opium Crop, How Will We Feed Our Family?'
Kim Sengupta. The Independent, UK, 27 February 2006.

Despite Afghan Strictures, the Poppy Flourishes
Carlotta Gall. The New York Times, 17 February 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

No Alternative to Opium, Say Farmers
IRIN, 10 February 2006.

Afghan Farmers Feel Pinch of Poppy Eradication
Sanjay Suri. Antiwar.com, 06 February 2006.

Afghan Opium: License to Kill
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy. Asia Times, 01 February 2006.

Afghan Farmers Need More Help to Stop Opium: U.N.
Robert Birsel. Reuters, 26 January 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Afghanistan: Narcotics and U.S. Policy
Christopher M. Blanchard. CRS Report for Congress, 25 January 2006 (.pdf file).

Scientists Say Livestock Move Could Curb Afghan Heroin Crop
Joe Watson. The Press and Journal, Scotland, 24 January 2006. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

A Harvest Of Treachery
Ron Moreau and Sami Yousafzai. Newsweek, 09 January 2006.

Afghanistan Aims to Cut Opium Fields by 40 Percent in 2006
Agence France Presse, 02 January 2006.

Farmers in Afghanistan Returning to Opium
Agence France Presse, 01 January 2006. Posted on the Arab News website.

Afghanistan and Opium
Vanda Felbab-Brown. The Boston Globe, 18 December 2005.

Drugs Called No. 1 Threat in Afghanistan
Paul Ames. The Associated Press, 15 December 2005.

Afghan Drugs Rings Face Clampdown
Andrew North. BBC, 06 December 2005.

Losing the War on Afghan Drugs
Andrew North. BBC, 04 December 2005.

Ex-Poppy Farmers Pay Debt with Daughters
Justin Huggler. The Independent, 02 October 2005. Posted on The Statesman website.

The Opium Situation in Afghanistan
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 29 August 2005 (.pdf file).

Opium Trade Not Easily Uprooted, Afghanistan Finds
N.C. Aizenman. Washington Post, 15 July 2005.

Opium Remains Major Source of Income in Afghanistan
Xinhuanet, 27 May 2005.

Afghanistan: Narcotics and U.S. Policy
Christopher M. Blanchard. CRS Report for Congress, 26 May 2005 (.pdf file).

Afghan Poppycock
David Bosco. Slate, 18 May 2005.

Afghanistan Not Ready to Legalize Opium Production
Ben Arnoldy. Christian Science Monitor, 16 May 2005.

Opium Farmers Battle Soldiers
Nick Meo. The Independent, 14 April 2005. Posted on the New Zealand Herald website.

Pentagon Sees Antidrug Effort in Afghanistan
Thom Shanker. New York Times, 25 March 2005.

In Afghanistan, a 'Holy War' Against Opium
Judy Dempsey. International Herald Tribune, 07 March 2005.

Quandary of Afghan Opium Industry
Andrew North. BBC News, 02 March 2005.

Afghans Accuse U.S. of Secret Spraying to Kill Poppies
Carlotta Gall. New York Times, 27 February 2005.

Fear of Fighting and Economic Ruin Hold Back Bid to Stamp Out Opium
Victoria Burnett and Peter Spiegel. Financial Times, 04 January 2005.

How Afghan Heroin Leaves a Trail of Ruined Lives on Its Long Journey to the West
Declan Walsh. The Guardian, 03 January 2005.

Let the Afghan Poppies Bloom
Christopher Hitchens. Slate, 13 December 2004.

Warlords, Poppies and Slow Progress
Declan Walsh. The Guardian, 07 December 2004.

Afghanistan: Narcotics and U.S. Policy
Christopher M. Blanchard. CRS Report, 07 December 2004 (.pdf file).

Afghan Poppy Farmers Say Mystery Spraying Killed Crops
Carlotta Gall. New York Times, 05 December 2004.

Afghan Concern at Opium Spraying
BBC News, 30 November 2004.

Cultivating Opium, Not Democracy
Robert Scheer. AlterNet, 23 November 2004.

Afghanistan's Latest Drug Report: The Hidden Story
Carl Robichaud. Afghanistan Watch, 22 November 2004.

Afghanistan: A Nation Abandoned to Drugs
Nick Meo and Leonard Doyle. The Independent, 19 November 2004.

Afghan Poppy Growing Reaches Record Level, U.N. Says
Carlotta Gall. New York Times, 19 November 2004. Posted on the NucNews website.

UN Warns of Afghan 'Drug State'
BBC News, 18 November 2004.

Following the Afghan Drugs Trail
Andrew North. BBC News, 18 November 2004.

The Solution to Afghanistan's Opium?
Marc Deeley. BBC News, 17 November 2004.

U.S. Plans Assault On Afghan Heroin
Bradley Graham. Washington Post, 15 November 2004.

Rise of Drug Trade Threat to Afghanistan's Security
Gregg Zoroya and Donna Leinwand. USA Today, 26 October 2004.

US Weighs Role in Heroin War in Afghanistan
Anne Barnard and Farah Stockman. Boston Globe, 20 October 2004.

Road to Ruin: Afghanistan's Booming Opium Industry
Barnett R. Rubin. Center for American Progress and Center on International Cooperation, 07 October 2004 (.pdf file).

Afghan Opium Production Predicted to Reach New High
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy. Jane's Intelligence Review, 01 October 2004. Posted on the RAWA website.

Big Growth in Afghan Poppy Crop
BBC News, 24 September 2004.

Crackdown on Afghanistan's Cash Crop Looms
Victoria Burnett. Boston Globe, 18 September 2004.

100m Drive to Eradicate Afghanistan Drugs Trade
Kim Sengupta. The Independent, 09 July 2004. Posted on the Global Security News website.

Following the Afghan Drugs Trail
Andrew North. BBC News, 04 June 2004.

Battle Begins to Stem Afghan Opium Harvest
Patrick Wintour. The Guardian, 03 May 2004.

Afghan Route to Prosperity: Grow Poppies
Amy Waldman. New York Times, 10 April 2004. Posted on the NucNews website.

Afghan Farmers Protest Opium Crop Plan
Amir Shah. The Associated Press, 05 April 2004. Posted on the NucNews website.

Afghan Farmers Defy Efforts To Curb Heroin Crop
Salamander Davoudi. Financial Times, 02 March 2004. Posted on the e-Ariana website.

Fears as Afghan Opium Growth Hits All-Time High
Gethina Chamerlain. The Scotsman, 09 February 2004.

Afghanistan Plea in War on Opium
BBC News, 09 February 2004.

Allies at Odds Over How to Fight Afghan Drugs Boom
Richard Norton-Taylor and James Astill. The Guardian, 05 December 2003.

U.S. Admits Failings as Afghan Poppy Output Doubles
ABC News Australia, 29 November 2003.

US Wages War on Afghan Opium Crop
James Astill. The Scotsman, 24 November 2003.

Drug Trade Blamed for Afghan Violence
Mark Fritz. The Associated Press, 04 October 2003. Posted on the Afgha website.

Opium Crop Clouds Afghan Recovery
BBC News, 22 September 2003.

Afghan Military Tied to Drug Trade
Scott Baldauf. Christian Science Monitor, 04 September 2003.

Drugs? What Drugs?
Tim McGirk. Time Magazine, 18 August 2003.

Afghans Seek Relief in Drugs
Ian MacWilliam. BBC News, 07 August 2003.

Bumper Year for Afghan Poppies
Owais Tohid. Christian Science Monitor, 24 July 2003.

Afghan Poppies Proliferate
April Witt. Washington Post, 10 July 2003.

Afghanistan Regains Its Title As World's Biggest Heroin Dealer
Andy McSmith and Phil Reeves. The Independent, 22 June 2003. Posted on the Centre for Research on Globalisation website.

Press Briefing on Afghan Opium Economy
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 03 February 2003.

After the Taliban, Afghan Opium Resurges
Todd Diamond. EurasiaNet, 25 January 2003.

Afghanistan is Again the World's Largest Opium Producer, UN
The Associated Press, 25 October 2002. Posted on the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) website.

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