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Army Transformation: Implications for the Future
Douglas MacGregor. Testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, 15 July 2004 (.pdf file).

Revised Army Approach To Readiness Meets Kudos -- And Obstacles
Elaine Grossman. Inside the Pentagon, 15 July 2004. Posted on Defense & the National Interest web site.

Army Transformation: Implications for the Future
Robert Scales. Testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, 15 July 2004 (.pdf file).

Army To Create 'Asymmetric Warfare Group To Prepare For New Threats
Inside The Pentagon. 8 July 2004. Posted on Office of Force Transformation web site.

Army To Create 'Asymmetric Warfare Group To Prepare For New Threats
Elaine Grossman. Inside the Pentagon, 08 July 2004. Posted on Defense & the National Interest web site.

Sea-Basing and the Maritime Pre-positioning Force (Future)
Henry B. Cook. Military Review, July-August 2004 (.pdf file).

Army Accelerates End-to-End Network Centricity
Maryann Lawlor. Signal Magazine, July 2004.

Breaking the Saber: The Subtle Demise of Cavalry in the Future Force
John D. Rosenerger. Landpower Essay, June 2004 (.pdf file).

The Army's Dilemma
John Gordon IV and Jerry Sollinger. Parameters, Summer 2004 (.pdf file).

The Airborne Illusion: Institutions and the Evolution of Postwar Airborne Forces
Marc DeVore. Security Studies MIT, June 2004 (.pdf file).

Tread-Heads or Technophiles? Army Officer Attitudes Toward Transformation
Thomas G. Mahnken and James R. Fitzsimonds. Parameters, Summer 2004 (.pdf file).

Better than an Abrams
Daniel Goure. Lexington Institute, 28 May 2004.

US Army Plans Balanced Force, But Lacks Road Map
Andrew Koch. Jane's Defence Weekly, 12 May 2004. Posted on the Office of Force Transformation web site.

Develop People and Units Before Developing Technology
Bob Krumm. Military Review, May-June 2004 (.pdf file).

Army Personnel Transformation: Achieving "Parallel Evolution"
Don Vandergriff. Briefing before the House Armed Services Committee, 10 March 2004. Defense & the National Interest (.pdf file).

Surprise, Shock and Daring: The Future of Mobile, All-Arms Warfare
James B. Hickey. Land Warfare Papers, April 2004 (.pdf file).

The Army's Future Combat Systems' Features, Risks and Alternatives
Paul L. Francis. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and land Forces, Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, GAO, 01 April 2004 (.pdf file).

The Hollow Army
James Fallows. The Atlantic, March 2004.

Toward an Expeditionary Army
Eric Peltz. Testimony before the House Armed Service Committee, March 2004. Posted on the Rand website (.pdf file).

The Modular Army
Col. John A. Bonin and Lt. Col. Telford E. Crisco. Military Review, March-April 2004.

Army Aviation Must Change To Stay Relevant, Says Panel
Sandra I. Erwin. National Defense Magazine, March 2004.

The Army Goes Rolling Along:  New Service Transformation Agenda Suggests Promise and Problems
James Jay Carafano. Backgrounder #1729, The Heritage Foundation, 23 February 2004.

Saving General Shinseki: on the Future of Wheeled Armor
Lutz Unterseher. Commonwealth Institute, February 2004 (.pdf file).

Briefing on the Restructure and Revitalization of Army Aviation
Les Brownlee. United States Department of Defense News Transcript, 23 February 2004. Posted on the website.

Stryker Is the Current Force
AUSA Institute of Land Warfare, February 2004.

The Future Army - Revisited
Dominant Logistics Project, 08 January 2004.

A Year of Army Reform
Donald E. Vandergriff., 05 January 2004.

Critical Mass: Weighing in on Force Transformation & Speed Kills Post-Operation Iraqi Freedom
Irvin Lim. Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies Singapore, January 2004 (.pdf file).

Transforming the Legions:  The Army and the Future of Land Warfare
Andrew F. Krepinevich. Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, 2004.

Future Army Bandwidth Needs and Capabilities (slow download)
Leland Joe and Isaac Porche III. Rand Corporation, 2004 (.pdf file).

The Netfires Boondoggle
Carlton Meyer. G2Mil, 2004.

XVIII Airborne Corps:  Spearhead of Military Transformation
Douglas A. Macgregor. Defense Horizons. Institute for National Security Studies, NDU, January 2004. (.pdf file).

Army Digitization:  Making it Ready for Prime Time
Christopher J. Toomey. Parameters, Winter 03/04. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

An Alternative Future Force:  Building a Better Army
Peter Wilson, John Gordon IV, and David E. Johnson. Parameters, Winter 2003/04. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Military Transformation:  The Army and OSD Met Legislative Requirements for First Stryker Brigade Design Evaluation, but Issues Remain for Future Brigades
General Accounting Office, December 2003.

Third Infantry Buys New Rugged Laptops
Frank Tiboni. Federal Computer Week, 14 November 2003.

Gun-Fired Precision Munitions For a Transformed Army
David A. Sparrow and Cynthia Dion-Schwarz. Landpower Essay No. 03-4. AUSA Institute of Land Warfare, November 2003.

Army Crisis -- Form a Personnel Transformation Task Force
Donald E. Vandergriff., 27 October 2003.

Generals Point Ways to Better Blue Force
Matthew French. Federal Computer Week, 21 October 2003.

Network Still an FCS Headache
Matthew French. Federal Computer Week, 15 October 2003.

Army Crisis -- Personnel System Is the Foe
Donald E. Vandergriff., 15 October 2002.

Battery Supplies Ran Dangerously Low in Iraq
Geoff S. Fein. National Defense Magazine, September 2003.

Stryker Brigades Versus The Reality of War
Victor O'Reilly, 22 August 2003. Posted on the website (.pdf file).

Stryker Brigades versus The Reality of War
Victor O'Reilly. Defense & the National Interest, 21 August 2003.

The Army's Bandwidth Bottleneck
Congressional Budget Office, August 2003.

The Future U.S. Army
Dominant Logistics Project, 29 July 2003.

Rethinking Netfires
Dominant Logistics Project, 28 July 2003.

Old Army Tech Shines in Iraq
Dan Caterinicchia. Federal Computer Week, 16 July 2003.

No Single Solution for Army's Info-Tech Problems
Sandra I. Erwin. National Defense Magazine, July 2003.

Rumsfeld and the Army
David C. Isby. Washington Times, 16 June 2003.

Force Projection Technologies for the 2010-2020 Timeframe
Army Science Board, Summer 2003 (.pdf file). Posted on the Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logicstics & Technology website.

Challenges and Opportunities for Increments II and III Future Combat Systems (FCS)
Army Science Board, Summer 2003. Posted on the Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logicstics & Technology website.

Leading Change:  a Model for Transformation Initiatives in Today's US Army?
Richard S. Jeffress. US Army Command & General Staff College, June 2003.

Military Transformation:  Realistic Deployment Timelines Needed for Army Stryker Brigades
General Accounting Office, June 2003.

Transformation and Homeland Security:  Dual Challenges for the US Army
Terrence K. Kelly. Parameters, Summer 2003. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

How We Got There:  Air Assault and the Emergence of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), 1950-1965
John M. Carland. Land Warfare Paper No. 42. AUSA Institute of Land Warfare, May 2003.

C4ISR in the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams
Lt. Col. Christopher J. Toomey. Military Review. May - June 2003 (.pdf file). Posted on the Findarticles website.

Review of the Army's Objective Force and Future Combat System Components
Independent Assessment Panel. Institute for Defense Analysis, 28 April 2003.

Key Issues Relevant to the US Army's Transformation to the Objective Force, Vol. III
AUSA Institute of Land Warfare, April 2003.

Stryke Out! - The Logistics Case Against the Stryker Program
Dominant Logistics Project, 06 April 2003.

Army to Field Four Classes of UAVs
Sandra I. Erwin. National Defense Magazine, April 2003.

How 'Transformational' is Army Transformation?
AUSA Institute of Land Warfare, 23 February 2003.

Future Combat, Part 2
Frank Vizard. Scientific American, 20 January 2003.

Future Combat, Part 1
Frank Vizard. Scientific American, 13 January 2003.

Is The Stryker Brigade Combat Team a Viable Concept?
Adam L. Rocke. Fort Leavenworth, 2003. Hosted by STINET database (.pdf file).

Mountain Warfare:  The Need or Specialist Training
Muhammad Asim Malik. Fort Leavenworth, 2003. Hosted by STINET database (.pdf file).

The Army Expeditionary Force:  A Model for the Next Century of Warfare
Mark D. Bieger. School of Advanced Military Studies, 2003. Hosted by STINET database (.pdf file).

Moving an Expeditionary Force:  Three Case
Martha G. Granger. School for Advanced Military Studies, 2003. Hosted by STINET database (.pdf file).

Renaming the Stryker
Daniel Goure. Lexington Institute, 10 January 2003.

Alternative Futures and Their Implications for Army Modernization
John Gordon IV and Brian Nichiporuk. RAND, 2003 (.pdf file).

Equipment Sustainment Requirements for the Transforming Army
Eric Peltz. RAND, 2003.

The U.S. Army and the New National Security Strategy
Lynn E. Davis and Jeremy Shapiro. RAND, 2003.

Vertical Envelopment and the Future Transport Rotorcraft:  Operational Considerations for the Objective Force
Jon G. Grossman, et. al. RAND, 2003.

Speed and Power:  Toward an Expeditionary Army
Eric Peltz, John M. Halliday and Aimeee Bower. RAND, 2003.

Stryker Not Up to Speed in Some Areas, Soldiers Claim
Roxana Tiron. National Defense Magazine, November 2002.

Modern Infantry Squads
Carlton Meyer. G2mil, November 2002.

Stryker Drives to the Future: Opponents Fail to Grasp New Strategic Challenges
Dr. Daniel Goure. Defense News, 21 October 2002. Posted on the Lexington Institute website.

The US Army's Initial Impressions of Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle
Col. Eugene L. Thompson and Dr. Conrad C. Crane. Issues Paper 10-02. Center for Strategic Leadership, October 2002.

Army Moves Out On Reform
Colin Robinson. Military Reform Project, Center for Defense Information, 26 September 2002.

Is Technology Mature Enough For the Future Combat System?
Joseph N. Mait and Jon G. Grossman. National Defense Magazine, September 2002.

Marine's War Game Tests Future Fighting Strategies
Harold Kennedy. National Defense Magazine, August 2002.

Long-Range Recon Air-Mech-Strike Group: Covering Force for the XVIII Airborne Core
Airborne Equipment Shop, August 2002.

Logistics Transformation Update
Tom Girz. Headquarters U.S. Air Force Installations and Logistics, July 2002.

Logistics Transformation: Army Vows to Make it Work
Sandra I. Erwin. National Defense Magazine, July 2002.

Emerging Technologies and Exponential Change: Implications for Army Transformation
Kip P. Nygren. Parameters, Summer 2002.

The Crusader Crusade: Behind the Controversy
James S. Robbins. National Review Online, 19 June 2002.

Centerpiece of Army Transformation Ambitious, Risky Leap
Colin Robinson. Center for Defense Information, 1 June 2002.

Equipping the Objective Force
Brian J. Dunn. Military Review, May/June 2002.

Military Transformation: Army Actions Needed to Enhance Formation of Future Interim Brigade Combat Teams
Report to Congressional Committees, U.S. General Accounting Office, May 2002. Posted on the Defense Daily Network website.

The New Interim Brigade Combat Team: Old Wine in New Bottles?
Gregory A. Pickell. Military Review, May/June 2002.

The New Mobile Infantry
Michael Behar. Wired Magazine, May 2002.

The Army and Transformation, 1945-1991:  Implications for Today
Lt. Col. Arthur W. Connor, Jr. U.S. Army War College, 09 April 2002. Posted on web site (.pdf file).

Using Information Technologies to Reduce the Army's Echelons
Brig. Gen Huba Wass de Czege. Army Magazine, April 2002.

Nothing Learned from Black Hawk Down
Mike Sparks. G2mil, March 2002.

Modern War, Modern Law, and the Army Doctrine: Are We in Step for the 21st Century?
Richard J. Butler. Parameters, Spring 2002.

Mountain Division: Why the US can't match the British at high altitudes
Jason Vest. The American Prospect, 21 March 2002.

Conceptual Foundations of a Transformed US Army
Huba Wass de Czege and Richard Hart Sinnreich. No. 40. Land Warfare Paper. Institute of Land Warfare, March 2002.

The Objective Force Soldier / Soldier Team
26 February 2002. Posted on the Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logicstics & Technology website (.pdf file).

Transforming the US Army
Carlton Meyer. G2mil, 2002.

Army Aviation and Army Transportation
Scott R. Gourley. Army Magazine, January 2002.

Toward an Adaptive Army
Col. Robert B. Killbrew. Army Magazine, January 2002.

Fighting Weight
Katherine McIntire Peters. Government Executive Magazine, 1 January, 2002.

Future Ground Commanders' Close Support Needs and Desirable System Characteristics
Bruce W. Don, et. al. RAND, 2002.

Army Air and Missile Defense: Future Challenges
Frances M. Lussier, et. al. RAND, 2002.

Special Operations Forces and Elusive Enemy Ground Targets: Lessons from Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War
Project Air Force. Research Brief. RAND, 2002.

Analysis of Air-Based Mechanization and Vertical Envelopment Concepts and Technologies
Jon Grossman, et al. RAND, 2001.

Issues and Insights from the Army Technology Seminar Game
Richard Darilek, et al. RAND, 2001.

Military Transformation: Army Has a Comprehensive Plan for Managing Its Tansformation but Faces Major Challenges
General Accounting Office, November 2001.

The Army's "Twofer": The Dual Role of the Interim Force
James M. Dubik. No. 39. Land Warfare Paper. Institute of Land Warfare, October 2001.

Shinseki's Light Armor Scam
Carlton Meyer. G2mil (September 2001)

Assessing the Value of Information Superiority for Ground Forces - Proof of Concept
Dan Gonzales, Lou Moore, Chris Pernin, David Matonick, Paul Dreyer. Santa Monica: Rand Corporation, September 2001.

Army Transformation: A Tale of Two Doctrines
David Jablonsky. Army War College Quarterly (Autumn 2001)

US Army Interim Brigade Combat Team
US Army Website.

A Report on the Army Transformation Wargame 2000
Bruce Pirnie, John Gordon, Louis Moore, Robert Howe, Daniel R. Gonzales, and David Johnson. Santa Monica: Rand Corporation, September 2001.

Updating the System of Combat Support
Brig. Gen. Huba Wass de Czege. Army Magazine, September 2001.

W(h)ither Corps?
D. Robert Worley. Strategic Studies Institute. Carlisle, PA: US Army War College , August 2001.

Future Battle Command: Where Information Technology, Doctrine and Organization Meet
Brig. Gen. Huba Wass de Czege and Maj. Jacob D. Biever. Army Magazine (August 2001)

Army Transformation Taking Shape: Interim Brigade Combat Team
CALL Newsletter No. 01-18, 7 August 2001. Center for Army Lessons Learned.

Brigadier General David L. Grange, Lieutenant Colonel Richard D. Liebert and Major Chuck Jarnot. Military Review (July/August 2001)

Medium Brigade Flaws, and the Cure The IBCT Revisited
LTC Michael K. Robel, USAR., 2001.

The Evolution and Relative Effectiveness of the Interim Brigade Combat Team
Michael K. Robel, LTC, USAR., 2001.

Is the U.S. Army Already "Transformed"? US Army Fly-Away Brigade Combat Teams
1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne), 2001.

Army Transformation: A View from the US Army War College
Williamson Murray. Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, July 2001.

Lessons Learned: Commanding a Brigade Digital Combat Team
Col. Rick Lynch. IDA Paper #P-3616. Center for Army Lessons Learned, June 2001.

Defense Acquisition: Army Transformation Faces Weapon Systems Challenges
General Accounting Office, May 2001.

Army Transformation Faces Weapon System Challenges
GAO Report to Congressional Committees. Washington DC: GAO, May 2001.

Army Transformation Wargame 2001
U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, 22-27 April 2001. Posted on the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command website.

Army Transformation and Modernization: Overview and Issues for Congress
Edward Bruner. CRS Report for Congress. Washington DC: CRS, April 2001 (updated). Posted on the FAS Website.

Army Leads Transformation
Dr. Daniel Goure. Defense News, 26 February 2001. Posted on the Lexington Institute Website.

Rapid Force Projection Technologies: Assessing the Performance of Advanced Ground Sensors
John Matsumura, Randall Steeb, Randall G. Bowdish, et al. Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corporation, 5 February 2001.

Lightning Over Water: Sharpening America's Light Force for Rapid Reaction Missions
John Matsumura, Randall Steeb, John Gordon IV, Tom Herbert, Russell W. Glenn, Paul Steinberg. Santa Monica: Rand, February 2001.

Measures of Effectiveness for the Information-Age Army
Richard Darilek, Walter Perry, Jerome Bracken, John Gordon and Brian Nichiporuk. Santa Monica: Rand Corporation, February 2001.

A Paradigm for the US Army Transformation
Maj. Van R. Sikorsky. US Army Command and General Staff College, February 2001.

Army Transformation overview
Presentation to the annual AUSA Convention, 17 October 2000.

The Real Military Revolution
Thomas K. Adams. Parameters (Autumn 2000)

Subject: Trip Report: 10th Mountain Division, Ready of Not?
Winslow T. Wheeler. Defense and the National Interest, 26 September 2000.

Paradigm Lost: Rethinking Theater Airlift to Support the Army After Next
Lt. Col. David W. Allvin. CADRE Paper #9. Air University Press, September 2000.

Expeditionary Logistics 2000: Issues and Strategy for the New Millennium
Air Force Logistics Management Agency, July 2000.

Agility by a Different Measure: Creating a More Flexible U.S. Army
Thomas McNaugher, et. al. RAND Corporation, 2000.

Operation Allied Force: Yet Another Wake-Up Call for the Army?
Jeffrey Record. Parameters (Winter 1999-2000).

The Army After Next: Exploring New Concepts and Technologies for the Light Battle Force
John Matsumura, et. al. RAND Corporation. 1999.

America's Army in Transition: Preparing for War in the Precision Age
Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr., Army Strategic Studies Institute, Fall 1999.

Reducing the Logistics Burden for the Army After Next: Doing More with Less
Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems. Washington DC: National Academy Press, 1999.

Information Operations and the Conduct of Land Warfare
Robert Bunker. Land Warfare Papers 31, October 1998. Institute of Land Warfare, AUSA.

Brigade Combat Team Project Management Office
US Army.

The Case for Army 21 Medium Weight Aero-motorized Divisions: A Pathway to the Army of 2020.
John Gordon IV and Peter A. Wilson. Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College, May 1998.

The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare
John M. Gates. The Department of History, College of Wooster, January 1998.

Which Army After Next? The Strategic Implications of Alternative Futures
Steven Metz. Parameters (Autumn 1997).

Irreducible Semi-Autonomous Adaptive Combat: An Artificial Life Approach to Land Combat
Andrew Ilachinski. CNA Research Memorandum CRM 97-61.10 Center for Naval Analyses, August 1997.

Land Warfare and Complexity, Part I: Mathematical Backgorund and Technical Sourcebook
Andrew Ilachinski. Center for Naval Analyses, July 1996.

Land Warfare and Complexity, Part II: An Assessment of the Applicability of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems Theory to the Study of Land Warfare
Andrew Ilachinski. Center for Naval Analyses, July 1996.

1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne)

Team Trackless
Jim Dunnigan.

The Airborne Air Assault Group

Official US Army Transformation Information
US Army.

US Army Transformation
Fort Lewis, Washington.

U.S. Army Strategic Maneuver

The Battle Over Fulfilling General Schoomaker's Vision

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