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Dr. Lutz Unterseher, Chairman
Study Group on Alternative Security Policy (SAS)
Alt-Moabit 106
D-10559 Berlin, Germany
Phone: 49.30.39742824
Fax: 49.30.39742825
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Unterseher is founder and director of the Study Group on Alternative Security Policy (SAS) and a senior lecturer at Munster University (international relations and defense policy.) He is personal advisor to the Social Democratic rapporteur on the defense budget in the German Bundestag and has been a visiting lecturer and consultant with the Austrian Army, the Federal German Army, and the British Army's Sandhurst Academy. He is a principal author of the SAS book Confidence-Building Defense: Toward a Reform of German Security Policy (1989). His most recent books are, with Völker Kroning and Günter Verheugen (Hrsg.), Defensive und Intervention: Die Zukunft Vertrauensbildender Verteidigung (1998), and in English, Confidence-Building Defense: A Comprehensive Approach to Security & Stability in the New Era, with Carl Conetta and Charles Knight (1994). Formerly Dr. Unterseher was a personal assistant to the Federal Minister for Research and Technology and head of the Organization Studies Department of the Institute for Applied Social Research, Bonn.

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