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Studiengruppe Alternative Sicherheitspolitik
(Study Group on Alternative Security Policy)

The Study Group on Alternative Security Policy (SAS) is an international, independent nonprofit organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1980, SAS pioneered the development of nonoffensive defense strategies and principles, and has led the field in designing defense structures that enhance crisis stability and support the arms reduction process. Among the group's members are active and retired military personnel, defense analysts, political and social scientists, economists, mathematicians, physicists, lawyers, parliamentarians, and trade unionists from nine countries: Austria, Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States of America.

The group maintains working contacts with The Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, The Department of Peace Studies at the Universty of Bradford (UK), the Austrian Ministry of Defense, the Staff Academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg, Just Defense (UK), Interuniversity Network for Studies on Technology Assessment in Defence at the Amsterdam Free University , and the Project on Defense Alternatives in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

Dr. Lutz Unterseher, Chairman, Berlin, Germany

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