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Militarized Globalism and Empire -- advocates, skeptics, and critics

To Be, or Not to Be ... An Empire
Gary J. Schmitt. American Enterprise Institute, June 2007 (printable .pdf file). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.

Manifest Destiny: A New Direction for America
William Pfaff. The New York Review of Books, 15 February 2007.

Fukuyama's Misleading Apology
Patrick Doherty., 21 February 2006.

After Neoconservatism
Francis Fukuyama. New York Times Magazine, 19 February 2006.

The Mirage of Empire, review of Imperial Grunts: The American Military on the Ground by Robert D. Kaplan and The Case for Goliath: How America Acts as the World's Government in the 21st Century by Michael Mandelbaum
John Gray. New York Review of Books, 12 January 2006.

High Technology Military Dominance:  The Opiate of Modern Empire
Brad Allenby. Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes, November 2005.

The Future of Neoconservatism in a Bush Second Term
Elsje Fourie and Ian Davis. British American Security Infromation Council, 23 December 2004.

True Reactionaries
Jim Lobe. Inter Press Service, 12 March 2004.

Illusions of Empire:  Defining the New American Order
G. John Ikenberry. Foreign Affairs, March/April 2004.

Endgame:  Conservatives after the Cold War
Corey Robin. Boston Review, February/March 2004.

Mr. Bush's Grand Illusions
Andrew J. Bacevich. Los Angeles Times, (19 February 2004).

America's Empire of Bases
Chalmers Johnson., 15 January 2004. Posted on the Website.

American World Empire or Declining Hegemony
Terry Boswell. Journal of World Systems Research, Vol.10, no.2 (Spring 2004). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website (printable .pdf file).

Dominant Capital and the New Wars
Shimshon Bichler & Jonathan Nitzan. Journal of World Systems Research, Vol.10, no.2 (Spring 2004). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website (printable .pdf file).

Sorrows of Empire
Chalmers Johnson. Foreign Policy In Focus Special Report, 20 November 2003.

Noble lies and perpetual war:  Leo Strauss, the neo-cons, and Iraq. An interview of Shadia Drury.
Danny Postel. openDemocracy, 16 Ocotber 2003. Posted on the Information Clearinghouse website.

Dominance and its Dilemmas
Noam Chomsky. Boston Review, October, 2003.

Terrorism as regressive globalisation
Mary Kaldor. openDemocracy, 25 September 2003.

America:  Enemy of globalisation
Tom Nairn. openDemocracy, 01 September 2003.

Hegemony or Empire?
Niall Ferguson. Foreign Affairs, September/October 2003.

In Search of Monsters to Destroy:  American Empire in the New Millennium
Juan A. Alsace. Parameters, Autumn 2003 (.pdf file). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.

The Colonialist consensus
Rich Lowry., 15 July 2003.

The 'Necessary' Hegemon Revisited
Joseph R. Stromberg., 15 July 2003.

The Other Japanese Occupation
John W. Dower. The Nation, 07 July 2003.

The compulsive empire
Robert Jervis. Foreign Policy, July/August 2003. Posted on the KeepMedia Website.

An Alternative to Empire
John Feffer and Miriam Pemberton., 24 June 2003.

America's Imperial Delusion
Eric Hobsbawm. The Guardian, 15 June 2003. Posted on the Website.

The Ideology of American Empire - The New Jacobins
Claes G. Ryn. Orbis, Summer 2003 (.pdf file). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.

Pax Romana versus Pax Americana:  Contrasting Strategies of Imperial Management
Walden Bello. The Project Against the Present Danger, 12 May 2003.

American Empire, Not 'If' but 'What Kind'
Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay.  New York Times (10 May 2003). Posted on the Brookings Institution Website.

American imperialism?  No need to run away from label
Max Boot. USA Today, 05 May 2003.

Global Transaction Strategy: Operation Iraqi Freedom could be a first step toward a larger goal -- true globalization
Thomas P.M. Barnett and Henry H. Gaffney Jr.  Military Officer, May 2003. Posted on the Free Republic Website.

No Grasp:  Why a far-reaching American empire will not serve anyone's interests, least of all ours
Jeff Faux. The American Prospect, May 2003.

What the U.S. Needs to Promote in Iraq  (Hint: It's Not Democratization per se)
Walter A. McDougall. Philadelphia, PA: Foreign Policy Research Institute Wire, May 2003.

United States:  Architects of empire
Uri Avnery. Green Left Weekly, 23 April 2003.

A Neo-Conservative Abecedary
Tim Francis-Wright., 21 April 2003.

Empire vs. Republic
Robert Parry., 21 April 2003.

The Perils Of Empire:  This Looks Like America's Moment. History Should Give Us Pause
Paul Kennedy. Washington Post, 20 April 2003. Posted on the Common Dreams Website.

The Masters of the World:  The World Order of the Superpower
Der Spiegel. Posted on the Website, 19 April 2003.

World War IV
James Woolsey. Speech before Americans for Victory Over Terrorism, 08 April 2003.

Hegemony or Leadership?
Daniel Brumberg. Harvard International Review., Spring, 2003. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Website

Will the Empire be Fascist?
Richard Falk. The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, 24 March 2003.

Return to the state of nature
David Held. openDemocracy, 20 March 2003.

Military Globalism
William Greider. The Nation, 13 March 2003.

World faced with 'mega imperialism'
Mahdi Elmandjra. Kyodo News, 12 March 2003.

The Case Against the War
Jonathan Schell. The Nation, 03 March 2003.

Globalization and the Nature of War
Antulio J. Echevarria II. Carlisle, PA: Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, March 2003 (.pdf file). Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.

The Pentagon's New Map
Thomas P.M. Barnett. Esquire March 2003. Posted on the author's Website.

The Madness of Empire
Scott McConnell. The American Conservative, 24 February 2003.

Republic or Empire?
Joseph Wilson. The Nation, 13 February 2003.

America: being old with a vengeance
Tom Nairn., 05 February 2003.

Is the U.S. an Empire?
Paul Schroeder. History News Network, 03 February 2003.

The Underpinnings of the Bush Doctrine
Thomas Donnelly. Washington, DC: American Enterprise Institute National Security Outlook, 31 January 2003.

The High and the Mighty:  Bush's national-security strategy and the new American hubris
Stanley Hoffman. The American Prospect (13 January 2003).

The American Empire:  The Burden
Michael Ignatieff. New York Times Magazine (05 January 2003) (.pdf file). Posted on the Kennedy School of Government Website.

The Dilemma of Sustaining an American Empire
Anatol Lieven. Financial Times, 02 January 2003. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for Peace Website.

The Five Wars of Globalization
Moisés Naím. Foreign Policy, January/February 2003.

Two Kinds of Democratic Civilization:  an adaptation from the satirical work of Mark Twain
Charles Knight. Cambridge, MA: Commonwealth Institute, January 2003.

Hegemony and Militarized Globalism:  A Selection of Excerpts Pro and Con (with source links)
compiled by Charles Knight for a roundtable discussion at the Center for International Relations, Boston University, January 2003.

American Unilateralism
Charles Krauthammer. Hillsdale, MI: Hillsdale College Imprimis, January 2003.

The Globalization of Politics:  American Foreign Policy for a New Century
Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay. The Brookings Review, Winter 2003.

Indispensable Power:  Hegemonic Tendencies in a Globalized World
Javad Zarif. Harvard International Review., Winter 2003. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Website

Folly of Our Masters of the Universe:  Global elites must realize that US imperialism isn't in their interest
Michael Hardt. The Guardian, 18 December 2002.

Imperialism:  Superpower dominance, malignant and benign
Christopher Hitchens. Slate, 10 December 2002.

The Empire Strikes Out:  The 'New Imperialism' and Its Fatal Flaws
Ivan Eland. Washington, DC: Cato Institute, 26 November 2002.

Strategic blowback
Paul Rogers., 13 November 2002.

America first: the case to answer
Philip Bobbitt and Paul Hirst., 07 November 2002.

Bush's Grand Strategy
Andrew J. Bacevich. American Conservative (4 November 2002).

The Face of Empire
William K. Tabb. Monthly Review, November 2002.

The End of the West
Charles A. Kupchan. The Atlantic Monthly, November 2002. Posted on the Council on Foreign Relations Website.

A Grand Strategy of Transformation
John Lewis Gaddis. Foreign Policy (November/December 2002).

An American Empire?
Charles S. Maier. Havard Magazine (November/December 2002).

Missionaries and marines: Bush, Blair and democratisation
Anatol Lieven., 18 September 2002.

The National Security Strategy of the United States
The White House, 18 September 2002 (.pdf file).
Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.

America's Imperial Ambition
G. John Ikenberry. Foreign Affairs, September/October 2002. Posted on the San Diego State U. Library Website

The End of the West?
Anatol Lieven. Prospect, September 2002. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for Peace Website.

Toward Universal Empire:  The Dangerous Quest for Absolute Security
David C. Hendrickson. World Policy Journal, Fall 2002.

Dissenting From The American Empire
James B. Rule. Dissent, Fall 2002.

Transforming Debate:  The opportunity and risk for the military.
Mackubin Thomas Owens. National Review (29 August 2002).

Toward a Global Society of States
Michael Lind. The Wilson Quarterly (August 2002). Posted on the New America Foundation Website.

The Eagle Has Crash Landed
Immanual Wallerstein. Foreign Policy (July/August 2002).

The Pentagon's New Budget, New Strategy, and New War
Carl Conetta. Cambridge, MA: Project on Defense Alternatives, 25 June 2002.

The G-8 and the American Empire
Murray Dobbin. Winnipeg Free Press, 23 June 2002.

Is America the New Roman Empire?
Michael Lind. The Globalist (19 June 2002).

Power and Weakness
Robert Kagan. Policy Review, June/July 2002. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for Peace Website.

Americaâs Virtual Empire
Martin Walker. World Policy Journal, Summer 2002 (.pdf file).

Bismarck's Lessons for Bush
Josef Jofee. New York Times (29 May 2002).

The Next World Order
Nicholas Lemann. New Yorker, 01 April 2002.

American Primacy:  Its Prospects and Pitfalls
Stephen M. Walt. Naval War College Review, Spring 2002 (.pdf file). Posted on the Kennedy School of Government Website.

Empire and Myopia
Todd Gitlin. Dissent, Spring 2002.

All Roads Lead to D.C.
Emily Eakin. New York Times, 31 March 2002.

Stability, America's Enemy
Ralph Peters. Parameters (Winter 2001-02).

War, Peace, and the State (anotated bibliography)
Joseph R. Stromberg. Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute, 28 November 2001.

The Real New World Order:  The American and the Islamic challenge
Charles Krauthammer. The Weekly Standard (12 November 2001).

The New Imperialism
Pepe Escobar. Asia Times (06 November 2001).

Toward a Strategy of Positive Ends
Huba Wass de Czege and Antulio J. Echevarria II. Carlisle, PA: Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, September 2001 (.pdf file).

Chapter 2: Militarism (a work in progress)
Stephen Van Evera, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, July 2001 (.pdf file).

Getting Hegemony Right
John Ikenberry. The National Interest (Spring 2001).

The Arabian Peninsula: Crucible of Globalization
Ellis Goldberg and Robert Vitalis, 21-25 March 2001.

The Question of Hegemony (excerpt)
William Pfaff. Foreign Affairs (January/February 2001).

An Edwardian Warning:  The Unraveling of a Colossus
Karl E. Meyer. World Policy Journal (Winter 2000/2001).

"Taking Charge:  A Bipartisan Report to the President Elect on Foreign Policy and National Security"
Frank Carlucci, Robert Hunter, Zalmay Khalilzad, eds. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 14 November 2000 (.pdf files).
        Panel Report
        Discussion Papers by Panel Members

The Concept of Empire - an interview with Dominic Lieven
8 November 2000,

Rebuilding America's Defenses:  Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century
Thomas Donnelly. Washington, DC: Project for the New American Century, September 2000 (.pdf file).

U.S. Military-Strategic Ambitions:  Expanding to Fill the post-Soviet Vacuum
Charles Knight. Cambridge, MA: Commonwealth Institute, 14 June 2000.

American Power -- For What?
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Michael A. Ledeen, and Joshua Muravchik. Commentary, 01 January 2000. Posted on the American Enterprise Institute Website

Blowback:  The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (excerpts from book)
Chalmers Johnson. 2000. Posted on the Third World Traveler Website.

Measuring National Power in the Postindustrial Age
Ashley J Tellis, Janice Bially, Christopher Layne, and Melissa McPherson. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2000.

After Victory: Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order after Major Wars (Chapter 1)
John Ikenberry. Princeton University Press, 2000.

Globalization and Governance
Kenneth N. Waltz. Political Science Online, December 1999. Posted on the Mt. Holyoke College Website.

Why Export Democracy?:  The 'Hidden Grand Strategy' of American Foreign Policy
G. John Ikenberry. The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 1999. Posted on the Mt. Holyoke College International Relations Program Website

The United States [21st Century Strategies]
Robert B. Zoellick. Presentation at the 1999 annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Washington, D.C.

The Benevolent Empire
Robert Kagan. Foreign Policy, Summer 1998. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment Website.

The Perils of (and for) an Imperial America
Charles Williams Maynes. Foreign Policy, Summer 1998.

Calling Mr. X
Eliot Cohen. New Republic, 19 January 1998.

In Praise of Cultural Imperialism?
David Rothkopf. Foreign Policy, Summer 1997. Posted on the Mt. Holyoke College International Relations Website.

Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy
William Kristol and Robert Kagan. Foreign Affairs, July/August 1996. Posted on the Carnegie Endowment for Peace Website.

The Imperative of American Leadership:  A Challenge to Neo-Isolationism (book summary)
Joshua Muravchik. American Enterprise Institute, April, 1996.

Sitting in Darkness:  An Unheeded Message About U.S. Militarism
Jim Zwick. Baltimore Sun, (April 23, 1995). Posted on the Website.

Imperialism 101
Michael Parenti. Chapter 1 of Against Empire, 1995.

Imperialism:  A Useful Category of Historical Analysis?
A roundtable. Radical History Review, Fall 1993.

Imperialism:  The Highest Stage of Capitalism
Vladimir Lenin. 1917. Posted on the Lenin Internet Archive.

History of the Peloponnesian War:  Sixteenth Year of the War - The Melian Conference - Fate of Melos
Thucydides. Posted on the Mt. Holyoke College International Relations Program Website

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Global Policy Forum

Anti-imperialism in the United States 1898-1935
Jim Zwick, editor. Website with history, literature, essays, and political platforms of the era.

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