Project on Defense Alternatives

Selected Major Terrorist Incidents Worldwide
since the conclusion of Operation Enduring Freedom,
2001 - 2003

Project on Defense Alternatives Briefing Memo # 31
07 January 2004

Coverage includes incidents possibly related to Al Qaeda and involving five or more fatalities -- except those occurring in Iraq, Kashmir, Israel, the West Bank, and Russia. Although the excluded areas undoubtedly involve some incidents linked to Al Qaeda, these are excluded because Al Qaeda's overall role in these areas is probably not a major factor in the current level of activity.

In total, more than 700 were killed and 2,000 were injured in these selected incidents.


12-13-01 India parliament attack. 14 killed, 14 injured.


01-22-02 Calcutta, India. Attack on US consulate. 5 killed, 20 injured.

03-17-02 Islamabad, Pakistan. Christian church grenade attack. 5 killed, 46 injured.

04-11-02 Tunisia. Truck bombing of synagogue. 21 killed. Al Qaeda

04-22-02 General Santos, Philippines. Three bombings. 15 killed, 70 injured. Abu Sayyaf

05-08-02 Karachi, Pakistan. Bus bombing. 14 killed (including 11 French), 34 injured.

06-14-02 Pakistan. Truck bomb rams outer wall of the US consulate. 11 killed, 20+ injured.

08-06-02 near Islamabad, Pakistan. Attack on Christian school. 6 killed.

09-05-02 Kabul, Afghanistan. Car bomb in marketplace. 22 killed, dozens injured.

09-24-02 Gujarat state, India. Armed attack on Hindu temple. 29 killed, 70 wounded.

09-25-02 Karachi, Pakistan. Shooting of Christian aid workers. 7 killed.

09-28-02 Bangladesh. Bombings in theater and other venues. 10 killed, 200 wounded.

10-06-02 Yemen. Suicide attack on French oil tanker. One fatality (included here due to extent of material and environmental damage). Al Qaeda.

10-17-02 Zamboanga, Philippines. Shopping Center Bombed. Abu Sayyaf. 5 killed.

10-12-02 Bali. Explosions destroy nightclubs. 202 killed. Jemaah Islamiya? Al Qaeda?

10-10-02 Philippines. Bus stop bombing. 6 killed, 24 injured.

11-28-02 Mombasa, Kenya. Bombing of Israeli-owned hotel; missiles launched at Israeli jet. 15 killed, 80 injured - mainly Kenyans. Beirut-based "Army of Palestine"

11-08-02 Bangladesh. Theater bombing. 17 killed.


01-31-03 Near Kandahar, Afghanistan. Bus bomb. 18 killed.

03/04-03 Davao, Philippines. Bomb attacks on airport and wharf. 30 killed. Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Abu Sayyaf.

05-11-03 Koronadal city, South Cotabato province in Mindanao. 9 killed, 43 injured.

05-12-03 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Four cars full of explosives are driven into expatriate housing compounds. 34 killed (including seven Americans), 200+ wounded. Al Qaeda.

05-17-03 Casablanca, Morocco. 14 suicide bombers set off explosions at Jewish center, Spanish restaurant and Belgian consulate. 45 killed, over 100 injured. Salafist Jihad.

06-08-03 Kabul, Afghanistan. Four German peacekeepers are killed, more than 30 wounded.

06-09/10-03 Pakistan. 15 police killed in two attacks.

08-05-03 Jakarta, Indonesia. US-run hotel bombing. 12 killed. Jemaah Islamiah? Al Qaeda?

08-25-03 Bombay, India. Twin car bombs in commercial district. 52 killed, 150+ injured. Student Islamic Movement of India and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

11-08-03 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bomb attack on a housing complex. 17 killed, 100+ injured. Al Qaeda.

10-03-03 Karachi, Pakistan. Motorcyclists opened fire on Mini bus. 6 killed, 8 injured.

11-15-03 Istanbul, Turkey. Two synagogue bomb attacks. 23 killed, 300 injured.

11-20-03 Istanbul, Turkey. British Consulate and the HSBC bank offices attack. 27 killed, 450+ injured. Claims of responsibility from two groups allegedly connected to al-Qaeda.

12-26-03 Pakistan. Bombing attempt on President Pervez Musharraf. 15 killed, 50 injured; in an earlier attack (14 Dec), a large bomb killed no one.

Compiled by Carl Conetta and Melissa Murphy, Project on Defense Alternatives

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