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New long-range strike aircraft still on Air Force’s radar

Otto Kreisher. Congress Daily, 16 September 2009.

U.S. Air Dominance Eroding

Greg Grant. DoD Buzz, 15 September 2009.

US Air Force sets up new command for nuclear forces

(AFP) – 06 August 2009.

Air Guard Needs Newer Aircraft, Director Says

Jon Soucy. American Forces Press Service, 29 July 2009.

Editor’s comment: The Project on Defense Alternatives has recommended that the USAF reduce its tactical combat fleet by two wing equivalents. This reduction would allow for a considerable number of tactical aircraft to move over the the Air National Guard thus improving its fleet age composition. If the Air Guard still needs to replace old F-16s in the period 2015-2025 it should do so by a staged buy of the latest block F-16 C/D. Transition to the Joint Strike Fighter could begin in the 2020s.

QDR to Recommend Dedicated COIN Air Wings

John Noonan. Weekly Standard blog, 26 July 2009.

Tactical Aircraft Modernization: Issues for Congress

Ronald O’Rourke. Congressional Research Service, 09 July 2009. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute server (printable .pdf file).

Airpower Trends 2010: The Future Is Closer Than You Think

John D. Jogerst. Air & Space Power Journal, Summer 2009

The Airpower Advantage in Future Warfare: The Need for Strategy

Colin S. Gray. Air Force Doctrine Development and Education Center, December 2007.