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The Limits Of Force

Chuck Hagel. The Washington Post, 03 September 2009. Posted on the Atlantic Council Website.

Mullen’s Strategic Communication

Marc Lynch. The New, 31 August 2009.

Some Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

Patrick Porter. Kings of War, 20 August 2009.

Outside Intervention in Internal Wars

Donald M. Snow. New Atlanticist Policy and Analysis Blog, 13 August 2009.

Containment Succeeded, Pre-emption Failed — Time For A New National Strategy?

an expert online panel, National Journal National Security Expert Blog, 10 August 2009.

Intervention Today Means a Less Secure Tomorrow

William Pfaff. Tribune Media Services, 05 August 2009.


…the more wars you undertake abroad, the more places you intervene, and the more bases you build around the world, the less secure you are.

Global Poll Finds Widespread Belief that Afghans Want NATO Forces Out 23 July 2009.

from 23 July 2009

from 23 July 2009

Editor’s comment: It is striking that almost 80% of Pakistanis want NATO and the US out of Afghanistan. This is evidence that they do not view the US/NATO counter-terror, counterinsurgency and stabilization campaign in Afghanistan as a likely solution to their troubles in Pakistan, but rather as a cause of those troubles.

This is empirical evidence that US strategists should consider. Perhaps military intervention into a foreign country is a significant contributing factor to unrest and instability in that country and the region? How often do we hear of US national strategists seriously considering that factor in their strategic planning?

The Powell Doctrine’s Enduring Relevance

Michael Cohen. World Politics Review, 22 July 2009