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Defense Budget Resources 2011: Critical Perspectives on the Pentagon Budget and US Military Spending

Compiled by the Project on Defense Alternatives, 11 March 2010.

A compilation of critical analysis and opinion from 30 analysts and policy centers.

Afghanistan Mission Creep Watch

Michael Cohen of Democracy Arsenal has an ongoing series of informative posts called “Afghanistan Mission Creep Watch”. You can access this series through the list of his posts.

Index on War in Pakistan, May 2009

Sarah Meyer. Index Research, 01 June 2009.

The Counter Insurgency Reading List from Abu Muqawama

The counterinsurgency reading list from Abu Muqawama, a blog that follows counterinsurgency debates, edited by Andrew Exum.

War Report: documents and articles about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Archives of 14,000 documents and articles on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan compiled by the Project on Defense Alternatives. This site was begun in 2002 and has been archived as of 31 March 2009. Subsequent articles and documents on Afghanistan and Iraq are included in the Defense Strategy Review page.

Afghanistan Index by topic (2002-April 2009) —

Iraq Index by topic (2002-April 2009) —

Budget Insight: a Stimson Center Blog on National Security Spending

Military and Strategic Studies Publications from the Project on Defense Alternatives

DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

(printable .pdf file)