Budgets to Make America Safer

Cindy Williams. from How to Make America Safe: New Policies for National Security, The Tobin Project, 2006.


Reallocating even relatively small amounts of the money devoted to offense could go a long way toward bolstering either prevention or defense. For example, for just half of the $10.4 billion DoD plans to spend on missile defense programs in fiscal year 2007, the nation could triple spending for port security (planned at $2 billion) and double spending to recapitalize the Coast Guard (planned at $935 million).

For what DoD spends on Iraq each month (currently about $8 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service), the federal government could double planned FY 2007 spending for emergency prepared ness and response ($5.5 billion), nuclear detection ($536 million), medical countermeasures to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats ($2 billion), and enhancements to FEMA’s alert and early warning systems ($70 million).

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