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…to the Defense Strategy Review Page, providing free and open access to a broad spectrum of analyses, background studies, official documents, news/analysis briefs and commentaries essential to understanding the formulation of U.S. national security strategy and military policies… and the possibilities for reform and change.

This site is the most comprehensive Internet source of documents and articles on the post-Cold War development of U.S. defense strategy and defense posture. It is edited by Charles Knight and sponsored by the Project on Defense Alternatives.

History of Site

This site was founded as The Quadrennial Defense Review Page in 1996 in anticipation of the first QDR which was produced in 1997. In 2000 its scope was broadened and it was renamed The Defense Strategy Review Page.

In July of 2009 we adopted a new format using WordPress software — allowing for improved navigation, indexing of posts and quicker, more frequent updates. The hundreds of selected and linked citations in the eleven sections of the earlier site have been archived and are available from the left column of this new page.

Posting Dates

The majority of posts on this site are linked document or article citations. Therefore I have dated the posts by the original publication date rather than the date of posting. Accordingly, although this version of the site was inaugurated in July of 2009, there are citation posts here dated ten years back or more.

The publication date convention I follow is that a monthly publication is dated the 1st of the month (March = 01 March), bi-monthly publications are dated the 1st of the 1st month (March/April = 01 March), and quarterlies are dated as follows: Winter = 01 January, Spring = 01 April, Summer = 01 July, Fall = 01 October.

Guest Contributors are Welcome

I invite submission of thoughtful, carefully written guest posts with either new content or commentary on writing cited here. Please contact me using this contact form.

Charles Knight, editor

Charles Knight