2011 budget process moves out ahead of 2010 QDR process

Defense News reports (John T. Bennett, “DoD to Launch 2011 Budget Planning,” 6 July 2009) that the services will receive their 2011 budget-building guidance later this month — well ahead of the programmatic priority setting which the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) is supposed to provide. The QDR is scheduled to appear in public in February of 2010, but the Pentagon’s internal QDR process could reconcile program and budget sometime in the fall of 2009.

Expert observers, quoted in the article, believe that Secretary Gates has already set the budget-related parameters of this QDR and is confident enough of the outcome of the QDR process to jump the Pentagon and the services ahead of the formal QDR process to begin detailing the 2011 budget this summer. Others note that revised budget guidances are to be expected.

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