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Policing Terrorism on the Internet
Mark Burgess. World Security Institute, 18 December 2007.

Botnets, Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism: Vulnerabilities and Policy Issues for Congress
Clay Wilson. Congressional Research Service, updated 15 November 2007 (.pdf file).

Terrorist Use of the Internet: The Real Story
Irving Lachow and Courtney Richardson. Joint Force Quarterly, 2nd Quarter 2007 (.pdf file).

Analyzing Terror Campaigns on the Internet: Technical Sophistication, Content Richness and Web Interactivity
Jialun Qin et al. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2007 (.pdf file).

Jihad 2.0
Nadya Labi. The Atlantic Monthly, July/August 2006.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Analyzing Jihadi Websites
Jarret Brachman. Combating Terrorism Center, U.S. Military Academy, 28 June 2006.

Cyberterrorism: Are Terrorists Trying to Crash (or Cash in on) the System?
Sean Costigan. Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich, 28 June 2006.

The Politics of Critical Information and Infrastructure
Myriam Dunn. Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich, 28 June 2006.

Web of Terror
Nadya Labi. The Atlantic Monthly, 05 June 2006.

The Use of the Internet by Islamic Extremists
Bruce Hoffman. Testimony before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, U.S. House of Representatives, 04 May 2006 (.pdf file).

Cerberus to Mind: Media as Sentinel in the Fight Against Terrorism
Capt. Randall G. Bowdish. Strategic Insights, May 2006 (.pdf file).

Communication and Media Strategy in the Jihadi War of Ideas
Steven R. Corman and Jill S. Schiefelbein. Consortium for Strategic Communication, Arizona State University, 20 April 2006 (.pdf file).

Al-Qaeda's Media Strategies
Marc Lynch. The National Interest, Spring 2006. Posted on 17 March 2006.

Internet Mujahideen Refine Electronic Warfare Tactics
Stephen Ulph. Terrorism Focus. The Jamestown Foundation, 07 February 2006.

The Islamic Imagery Project: Visual Motifs in Jihadi Internet Propaganda
Combating Terrorism Center, U.S. Military Academy, March 2006 (.pdf file).

A Framework for Understanding Terrorist Use of the Internet
Canadian Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, February 2006 (.pdf file).

Handbook of Legal Procedures of Computer and Network Misuse in EU Countries
Lorenzo Valeri et al. RAND, 2006 (.pdf file).

Virtual Jihad
Luis Miguel Ariza. Scientific American, 26 December 2005.

How to Counter Terrorism's Online Generation
Joseph Nye. The Financial Times, 13 October 2005. Posted on the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs website at Harvard University.

Technology and Security Discussions on the Jihadist Forums: Producing a More Savvy Next Generation
Jeffrey Pool. The Jamestown Foundation, 11 October 2005.

The US Media and the Muslim World
The Stanley Foundation, 13 January 2005 (.pdf file).

Terrorism and the Media
The Stanley Foundation, 13 January 2005 (.pdf file).

The Terrorist Channel
Richard B. Woodward. The American Prospect, 01 June 2004.

Trouble in Thailand's Muslim South: Separatism not Global Terrorism
Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, December 2004 (.pdf file).

Islam in Southeast Asia: What Should US Policymakers Know?
Stanley Foundation, 18 November 2004 (.pdf file).

Political Islam: Image and Reality
Mohammed Ayoob. World Policy Journal, Fall 2004 (.pdf file).

Globalization, Low-intensity Conflict & Protracted Statelessness/Refugeehood: the Plight of the Rohingyas
Imtiaz Ahmed. GSC Quarterly #13, Summer/Fall 2004 (.pdf file).

Radical Islam in the Maghreb
Carlos Echeverria Jesus. Orbis, Spring 2004 (.pdf file).

www.terror.net: How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet
Gabriel Weimann. United States Institute of Peace, March 2004 (.pdf file).

Examining the Cyber Capabilities of Islamic Terrorist Groups
Technical Analysis Group, Institute for Security Technology Studies, Dartmouth College, March 2004 (.pdf file).

The Muslim World After 9/11
Angel Rabasa, et. al. RAND, 2004.

Al Qaeda and the Internet: The Danger of 'Cyberplanning'
Timothy L. Thomas. Parameters, Spring 2003 (.pdf file).

Anatomy of Cyberterrorism:  Is America Vulnerable?
Lt. Col. Bradley K. Ashley. USAF Air War College, February 2003.

Terrorism and Mass Media
William E. Biernatzki. Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture, 2002 (.pdf file).

Dark Web Terrorism Research
Artificial Intelligence Lab.

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