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Fatah al Islam: How an Ambitious Jihadist Project Went Awry
Bilal Y. Saab and Magnus Ranstorp. The Brookings Institution, 26 January 2008.

The Return of al-Qaida
Guido Steinberg. German Institute for International and Security Affairs, December 2007 (.pdf file).

Stealing the Sword: Limiting Terrorist Use of Advanced Conventional Weapons
James Bonomo et al. RAND, 14 November 2007.

Al Qaeda in Iraq: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank. Mother Jones, 18 October 2007.

Splits Revealed Inside Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
Geoff D. Porter. Terrorism Monitor, Jamestown Foundation, 13 September 2007.

Jihadi Attack Kill Statistics v1.8
IntelCenter, 17 August 2007 (.pdf file).

The London Ricin Cell
Glen Segell. Strategic Insights, Center for Contemporary Conflict, August 2007.

Jihadi Ops Tempo Statistics (JOTS) v1.6
IntelCenter, 20 July 2007 (.pdf file).

Jihadi Tactics and Targeting Statistics (JTATS) v1.9
IntelCenter, 02 July 2007 (.pdf file).

The Rise of Hamas
Stephen Zunes. Foreign Policy in Focus, 26 June 2007.

Sharing the Dragon's Teeth: Terrorist Groups and the Exchange of New Technologies
Kim Cragin et al. RAND, 09 May 2007 (.pdf file).

Indonesia: Jemaah Islamiyah's Current Status
International Crisis Group, 03 May 2007 (.pdf file).

In the Spotlight: Organization of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb
Monica Czwarno. Center for Defense Information, 27 April 2007.

Al Qaeda's Maritime Threat
Akiva Lorenz. International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel, 15 April 2007.

Al-Qaida in the Maghreb: Just a Name Change or Indeed a New Threat?
Guido Steinberg and Isabelle Werenfels. German Institute for International and Security Affairs, 28 March 2007.

Targeting Oil and Other Energy Sources and Infrastructure
Alex P. Schmid. Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, March 2007 (.pdf file).

Exploring Terrorist Targeting Preferences
Martin C. Libicki, Peter Chalk and Melanie Sisson. RAND, 28 February 2007 (.pdf file).

Comparing and Contrasting Hizballah and Iraq's Militias
Andrew Exum. Policy Watch #1197. Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 14 February 2007.

The Reconstituted Al-Qaeda Threat in the Maghreb
Andrew Black. Terrorism Monitor. Jamestown Foundation, 01 February 2007.

Islamist Terrorism in Northwestern Africa
Emily Hunt. Policy Focus #65. Washington Institute for Near East Policy, February 2007 (.pdf file).

Attack Assignments in Terror Organizations and the Productivity of Suicide Bombers
Efraim Benmelech and Claude Berrebi. National Bureau of Economic Research, February 2007 (.pdf file).

Expanding the 'Jihad': Hizb'allah's Sunni Islamist Network
Bilal Y. Saab and Bruce Reidel. The Brookings Institution, February 2007.

Abu Sayyaf: Target of Philippine-U.S. Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Larry Niksch. Congressional Research Service, 24 January 2007 (.pdf file).

Islamist Movements in the Arab World and the 2006 Lebanon War
Amr Hamzawy and Dina Bishara. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 22 December 2006. Posted on the Policy Pointers website.

From Counter-Society to Counter-State: Jemaah Islamiyah According to PUPJI
Elena Pavlova. Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies, 02 December 2006. Posted on the Policy Pointers website.

Algerian Group Salafiste de la Predication et le Combat (Salafi Group for Call and Combat, GSPC): An Operational Analysis
Maj Cliff Gyves and Maj Chris Wyckoff. Strategic Insights, Center for Contemporary Conflict, November 2006.

Hizb Allah, Party of God
Nir Rosen. Truthdig, 06 October 2006. Posted on the Defense and the National Interest website.

The Terrorism Index
Foreign Policy and The Center for American Progress, July/August 2006.

Terrorist Access to Man-Portable Missiles
James Bevan. Small Arms Survey, 28 June 2006.

A New Taliban in Somalia? Not Yet
Karin von Hippel. Center for Strategic and International Studies, 15 June 2006. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Leadership Profile: Somalia's Islamic Courts Union
Frederick Nzwili. Terrorism Focus. The Jamestown Foundation, 13 June 2006.

Jihadi Ops Tempo Statistics v1.4
IntelCenter, 19 May 2006.

Jihadi Tactics and Targeting Statistics
IntelCenter, 18 May 2006.

Splits Between Muslim Brotherhood and 'Offensive Jihadists' Brewing in Europe
Douglas Farah. International Assessment and Strategy Center, 16 May 2006.

Terrorism in Indonesia: Noordin's Networks
International Crisis Group, 05 May 2006 (.pdf file).

Terrorism Statistics Flawed
Chris Weatherly. Center for Defense Information, 12 April 2006.

Terrorism in Southeast Asia: The Threat and Response
Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore, 12-13 April 2006 (.pdf file).

Reports on Incidents of Terrorism 2005
National Counterterrorism Center, 11 April 2006.

Country Reports on Terrorism 2005
U.S. Department of State, April 2006 (.pdf file).

The Challenge of Terrorism and Religious Extremism in Jordan
Anouar Boukhars. Strategic Insights, April 2006.

Mullah Dadullah: The Military Mastermind of the Taliban Insurgency
Omid Marzban. Terrorism Focus. The Jamestown Foundation, 21 March 2006.

The Threat of Oil Jihad
Brian Michael Jenkins. United Press International, 03 March 2006. Posted on the RAND website.

Can Hamas Be Tamed?
Michael Herzog. Foreign Affairs, March/April 2006.

Thinking Like a Jihadist: Iraq's Jordanian Connection
Nir Rosen. World Policy Journal, Spring 2006. Posted on the New America website (.pdf file).

Al-Qaeda Attack on Abqaiq: The Vulnerability of Saudi Oil
Simon Henderson. PolicyWatch. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 28 February 2006.

Iraq's Jordanian Jihadis
Nir Rosen. The New York Times Magazine, 19 February 2006. Posted on the New American Foundation website.

Suicide Terrorism in Afghanistan: Taliban's New Game Plan
Supriya Singh. Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, 17 February 2006.

Monsters of the Left: the Mujahedin al-Khalq
Michael Rubin. Front Page Magazine, 13 January 2006. Posted on the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research website.

Internal Jihadist Criticisms of the War in Iraq
Stephen Ulph. Terrorism Focus. The Jamestown Foundation, 09 January 2006.

Jihadist Threat in Iran
Stratfor. On Point, 04 January 2006. U.S. Cavalry.

Terrorism 2002-2005
Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice, 2006 (.pdf file).

Perception and Treatment of the 'Extremist' Islamic Group Hizb ut-Tahrir by Central Asia Governments
Saule Mukhametrakhimova. China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, 2006 (.pdf file).

How Real is the Threat from Maritime Terrorism?
Catherine Zara Raymond. Power and Interest News Report, 12 December 2005.

Buried in Amman's Rubble: Zarqawi's Support
Fawaz Gerges. Washington Post, 04 December 2005.

The Amman Bombings: A Blow to the Jihadists?
Murad Al-Shishani. The Jamestown Foundation, 29 November 2005.

Analyzing the Amman Attacks from al-Qaeda's Perspective
Michael Scheuer. The Jamestown Foundation, 29 November 2005.

What Comes After the Explosions?
Al Ghad. Translated by Riad Houry. Council on Foreign Relations, 11 November 2005.

The Zarqawi and Islamist Nexus in Jordan
Joshua Prober and Jamie Chosak. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 10 November 2005.

Jihadi Tactics and Targeting Statistics
IntelCenter, 09 November 2005 (.pdf file).

Jihadi Ops Tempo Statistics
IntelCenter, 09 November 2005 (.pdf file).

France and Hizbullah: The End of the Affair
Olivier Guitta. The Brookings Institution, November 2005 (.pdf file).

A New Alliance in the Philippines
Stephen Ulph. The Jamestown Foundation, 31 October 2005.

Hyping Terrorism in the Philippines
Carlton Meyer. G2mil Quarterly, Fall 2005.

Forcing Choices: Testing the Transformation of Hamas
Haim Malka. The Washington Quarterly, Autumn 2005.

Hamas: A Further Exploration of Jihadist Tactics
Youssef Aboul-Enein. Strategic Insights, September 2005.

Balik-Terrorism: The Return of the Abu Sayyaf
Zachary Abuza. Strategic Studies Institue, September 2005.

Standing Assessment Brief on Most Likely Future Baseline Level Jihadi Attack Activity
IntelCenter, 07 August 2005.

The London Bombings: Fundamental Change in Fundamentalist Times
Norman Vasu. Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, 28 July 2005 (.pdf file).

Why Did Terrorists Strike London?
Ivan Eland. The Independent Institute, 11 July 2005.

Understanding the July 7 London Bombings
Power and Interest News Report, 11 July 2005.

The Conundrum of the London Bombings
Stephen Ulph. Terrorism Focus, Volume 2. Jamestown Foundation, 13 July 2005.

Attacks Bear Earmarks Of Evolving Al Qaeda
Steve Coll and Susan B. Glasser. Washington Post, 08 July 2005.

Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)
U.S. State Department Office of Counterterrorism, 23 March 2005.

Hezbollah: Financing Terror Through Criminal Enterprise
Matthew A. Levitt. Testimony before the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate, 25 May 2005 (.pdf file).

Zarqawi's Global Reach
Alexis Debat. In the National Interest, May 2005.

Transnational Crime and the Criminal-Terrorist Nexus: Synergies and Corporate Trends
Jennifer L. Hesterman. Air University, May 2005 (.pdf file).

Country Reports on Terrorism 2004
U.S. Department of State, April 2005 (.pdf file).

A Chronology of Significant International Terrorism for 2004
National Counterterrorism Center, April 2005 (.pdf file).

Aum Shinrikyo, Al Qaeda, and the Kinshasa Reactor: Implications of Three Case Studies for Combating Nuclear Terrorism
Sara Daly, John Parachini, and William Rosenau. RAND, 2005.

Country Reports on Terrorism 2005
U.S. Department of State, 2005.

NCTC Fact Sheet and Observations Related to 2005 Terrorist Incidents
National Counterterrorism Center, 2005 (.pdf file).

Understanding Terror Networks
Marc Sageman. Foreign Policy Research Institute, 01 November 2004.

Suicide Terrorism in Sri Lanka
R. Ramasubramanian. Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, August 2004 (.pdf file).

Abu Musab Al Zarqawi: A New Generation Terrorist Leader
Rohan Gunaratna. IDSS Commentaries, 05 July 2004. Posted on the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs website (.pdf file).

Greece: Threat of Terrorism and Security at the Olympics
Carol Migdalovitz. Congressional Research Service, 30 April 2004 (.pdf file).

Terror on the Trains and Al Qaeda's Chechen Connection
Josh Lefkowitz and Lorenzo Vidino. In the National Interest, 17 March 2004.

Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Audrey Kurth Cronin, Huda Aden, Adam Frost, and Benjamin Jones. Congressional Research Service, 6 February 2004.

Islamic Rulings on Warfare
Youssef H. Aboul-Enein and Sherifa Zuhur. Strategic Studies Institute, January 2004 (.pdf file).

Al-Jam'iya al-Salafiya al-Mujahida:  A New Jihadi Group Claims Attacks on the U.S. Army in Western Iraq
Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Halevi. Center for Special Studies, 01 November 2003.

14 Facts About the Shoulder-Fired Missile Threat
James Jay Carafano and Jack Spencer. Web Memo #328. Heritage Foundation, 14 August 2003.

Terrorists and Suicide Attacks
Audrey Kurth Cronin, Congressional Research Service, 28 August 2003.

Annual Report Into International Terrorist Activity 2002
The Emergency Response and Research Institute, 18 June 2003.

Radical Islam in Central Asia:  Responding to Hizb Ut-tahrir
Asia Report No. 58. International Crisis Group, 30 June 2003.

Country Reports on Terrorism 2006
U.S. State Department, 05 March 2003. Posted on the Policy Pointers website.

2002 Conventional Terrorism Chronology:  Incidents Involving Subnational Actors Resulting in Death or Injury
Wayne Turnbull. Center for Nonproliferation Studies, 2003.

How the Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Network Operates
Indonesia Backgrounder: Asia Report No. 43. International Crisis Group, 11 December 2002.

Shoulder-fired terror:  A significant escalation
B. Raman. Asia Times, 30 November 2002.

Algeria's GSPC and America's 'War on Terror'
Johnathan Schanzer. Policy Watch #666. The Washington Institute, 2 October 2002.

Defeating Terrorism in Colombia
President Alvaro Uribe. Council on Foreign Relations, 24 September 2002.

The Characteristics of Terrorist Organizations, 1910-2000: Concentrations and Connections
Ami Pedazhur, Leonard B. Weinberg, and William L. Eubank. Presented at the Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association, Boston, MA, 29 August- 2 September 2002.

Terrorism and Asymmetric Conflict in Southwest Asia
Sharahm Chubin, et. al. Report of a Geneva Centre for Security Policy/RAND workshop, 23-25 June 2002.

Annual Report of International Terrorist Activity
Jeremy Zakis. The Emergency Response and Research Institute, 17 June 2002.

Transnational Terrorism 1968-2000: Thresholds, Persistence, and Forecasts
Walter Enders and Todd Sandler. American Political Science Association, May 2002. Posted on the University of Alabama website (.pdf file).

Uncloaking Terrorist Networks
Valdis E. Krebs. First Monday, 20 March 2002.

Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors 2002
Kenneth Katzman. Report for Congress, Congressional Research Service, 13 February 2002. Posted on the Federation of American Scientists website.

Significant Terrorist Attacks Against the US 1946-2001
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, February 2002.

Abu-Sayyaf: Target of Philippine-U.S. Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Larry Niksch. CRS Report for Congress, 25 January 2002. Posted on the Federation of American Scientists website.

Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, 2001

Kenneth Katzman. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service, 10 September 2001, (.pdf file).
Posted on the Commonwealth Institute Website.

Terrorism in the United States
Washington DC: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 20 June 2001.

International Terrorism in 1997: A Statistical View
Director Central Intelligence. Counterterrorist Center. 5 March 2001.

DoD USS Cole Commission Report -- Executive Summary
US Department of Defense. Washington DC, January 2001.

Database: Political Terrorism
Armando F. Mastrapa III

Database: International Terrorism and Political Violence Incidents
Armando F. Mastrapa III

Window on Jihadist Web Sites
SITE Institute

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