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MANPADS Countermeasure: Sky Security vs. Ground Security
Hillel Avihai. International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, 21 January 2008.

National Aviation Security Policy, Strategy and Mode-Specific Plans: Background and Considerations for Congress
Bart Elias. Congressional Research Service, 02 January 2008 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: Vulnerabilities Exposed Through Covert Testing to TSA's Passenger Screening Process
Gregory D. Kutz and John W. Cooney. Testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 15 November 2007 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: DHS Has Made Progress in Securing the Commercial Aviation Security, but Key Challenges Remain
Cathleen A. Berrick. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection, House Committee on Homeland Security, 16 October 2007 (.pdf file).

Countering the MANPADS Threat: Strategies for Success
Matt Schroeder. Arms Control Today, September 2007.

Aviation Security: Federal Coordination for Responding to In-flight Security Threats has Matured, but Procedures Can be Strengthened
Letter to House committee chairs. Government Accountability Office, 31 July 2007 (.pdf file).

Keeping the Skies Friendly: Next Steps for General Aviation Security
James Jay Carafano. The Heritage Foundation, 13 July 2007 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: The Human Eye vs. Detection Technology
Hillel Avihai. International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel, 06 June 2007.

Keeping Bombs Off Planes: Securing Air Cargo: Aviation's Soft Underbelly
P.J. Crowley and Bruce R. Butterworth. Center for American Progress, May 2007 (.pdf file).

Intelligence and Airport Security
Robert R. Raffel. Central Intelligence Agency, 15 April 2007.

Satellite Control and the Future of Container Security
Jim Giermanski. Journal of Homeland Security, April 2007.

Aviation Security: Cost Estimates Related to TSA Funding of Checked Baggage Screening Systems at Los Angeles and Ontario Airports
Government Accountability Office, March 2007 (.pdf file).

U.S. Airports Still Lack Technologies to Detect Liquid Explosives
Grace Jean. National Defense, March 2007.

Fusion of Security System Data to Improve Airport Security
Committee on Assessment of Security Technologies for Transportation, National Research Council, 2007.

Terrorist Watch List Screening: Efforts to Help Reduce Adverse Effects on the Public
Government Accountability Office, September 2006 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: TSA Has Strengthened Efforts to Plan for the Optimal Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems, but Funding Uncertainties Remain
Cathleen A. Berrick. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Aviation, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, U.S. House of Representatives, 29 June 2006 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: Management Challenges Remain for the Transportation Security Administration's Secure Flight Program
Cathleen A. Berrick. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment, Committee on Homeland Security, U.S. House of Representatives, 14 June 2006 (.pdf file).

Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration: Air Cargo Security Requirements
Kathleen E. Wannisky. Memo to U.S. House and Senate, 08 June 2006.

Plane Clothes: Lack of Anonymity at the Federal Air Marshal Service Compromises Aviation and National Security
Investigative Report by the Committee on the Judiciary, 25 May 2006 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: Further Study of Safety and Effectiveness and Better Management Controls Needed If Air Carriers Resume Interest in Deploying Less-than-Lethal Weapons
Government Accountability Office. Report to the Subcommittee on Aviation, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, U.S. House of Representatives, May 2006 (.pdf file).

America Needs a Security Strategy for Safer Skies
James Jay Carafano. The Heritage Foundation, 21 March 2006 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: Progress Made to Set Up Program Using Private Sector Airport Screeners, But More Work Remains
Government Accountability Office. Report to the Subcommittee on Aviation, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, U.S. House of Representatives, March 2006 (.pdf file).

Homeland Security: Protecting Airliners from Terrorist Missiles
Christopher Bolkcom and Bartholomew Elias. Congressional Research Service, 16 February 2006 (.pdf file).

Airport Security: Time for a New Model
Robert W. Poole, Jr. Reason Foundation, January 2006 (.pdf file).

Defending the U.S. Air Transportation System Against Chemical and Biological Threats
Committee on Assessment of Security Technologies for Transportation, National Research Council, 2006.

Aviation Security: Federal Air Marshal Service Could Benefit from Improved Planning and Controls
GAO Report to the House of Representatives, November 2005 (.pdf file).

Terrorism Protective Measures Resource Guide: General Aviation and Airports
Office of Preparedness and Security, State of Colorado, October 2005 (.pdf file).

Covert Tests Reveal Airport Screening Failures
Chris Strohm. Government Executive, 22 September 2005.

Homeland Security: Protecting Airspace in the National Capital Region
Bart Elias. CRS Report for Congress, 01 September 2005. Posted on the Federation of American Scientists website.

The Benefits of Positive Passenger Profiling on Baggage Screening Requirements
Russell Shaver and Michael Kennedy. RAND, September 2004 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security: Better Planning Needed to Optimize Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems
Cathleen A. Berrick. Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Economic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity, Committee on Homeland Security, U.S. House of Representatives, July 2005 (.pdf file).

Agency Resources Address Violations of Restricted Airspace, but Management Improvements Are Needed
Davi M. D'Agostino. Testimony Before the Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, July 2005 (.pdf file).

Correcting False Positives: Redress and the Watch List Conundrum
Paul Rosenzweig and Jeff Jonas. Legal Memorandum, Heritage Foundation, 17 June 2005 (.pdf file).

Safer Skies: Air Security Priorities for the Next Four Years
James Jay Carafano. Executive Memorandum #969. Heritage Foundation, 06 May 2005 (.pdf file).

Guidelines to Improve Airport Preparedness Against Chemical and Biological Terrorism
Donna M. Edwards et al. Sandia National Laboratories, May 2005 (.pdf file).

Flying the Unfriendly Skies: Defending against the Threat of Shoulder-Fired Missiles
Charles V. Pena. Cato Institute, 19 April 2005 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security-Related Findings and Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission
Bart Elias. CRS Report for Congress, 30 March 2005 (.pdf file).

Homeland Security: Air Passenger Prescreening and Counterterrorism
Bart Elias and William Krouse. CRS Report for Congress, 04 March 2005 (.pdf file).

Protecting Commercial Aviation Against the Shoulder-Fired Missile Threat
James Chow, et. al. RAND, 2005 (.pdf file).

How Much Is Enough? Sizing the Deployment of Baggage Screening Equipment by Considering the Economic Cost of Passenger Delays
Russell Shaver, et. al. RAND, September 2004 (.pdf file).

Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls
GAO, June 2004 (.pdf file).

Managing Technology: Keeping Planes Safe
Karen D. Schwartz. Government Executive Magazine, 07 April 2004.

Aviation Security
E. Marla Felcher. In: The Department of Homeland Security's First Year A Report Card, ed. Donald Kettl. Century Foundation, April 2004 (.pdf file).

Improvement Still Needed in Federal Aviation Security Efforts
Norman J. Rabkin. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Aviation, Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, U.S. Senate. GAO, 20 March 2004 (.pdf file).

Challenges Delay Implementation of Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System
Normal J. Rabkin and David A. Powner. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Aviation, Committee on Transporation and Infrastructure, House of Representatives. GAO, 17 March 2004 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security:  Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System Faces Significant Implementation Challenges
General Accounting Office, February 2004.

Near-Term Options for Improving Security at Los Angeles International Airport
Donald Stevens, et. al. RAND, 2004 (.pdf file).

Aviation Security:  Efforts to Measure Effectiveness and Strengthen Security Programs
Cathleen A. Berrick. Testimony before the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives. General Accounting Office, 20 November 2003.

TSA Screeners Lack Training, Supervision
Matthew Weinstock. Government Executive, 25 September 2003.

Homeland Security:  Protecting Airliners from Terrorist Missiles
Christopher Bolkcom, Bartholomew Elias and Andrew Feickert. Congressional Research Service, 03 November 2003.

Homeland Security:  Defending US Airspace
Christopher Bolkcom. Congressional Research Service, 12 September 2003.

Air marshals depart TSA, join law enforcement bureau
Matthew Weinstock and Jason Peckenpaugh. Government Executive, 2 September 2003.

Airport Passenger Screening:  Preliminary Observations on Progress Made and Challenges Remaining
General Accounting Office, September 2003.

CAPPS II Should be Tested and Deployed
Paul Rosenzweig and Ha Nguyen. Backgrounder #1683. Heritage Foundation, 28 August 2003.

Defending the Friendly Skies
Daniel Goure. Issue Brief. Lexington Institute, 12 March 2003.

Safe Skies:  The Current State of Aviation Security. An Assessment on Aviation Security, One Year Later.
Brigadier General Joel Feldschuh. Paper presented at a conference, "Progress Towards Homeland Security:  An Interim Report Card", sponsored by the Lexington Institute, 27 February 2003.

Aviation Safety:  Undeclared Air Shipments of Dangerous Goods and DOT's Enforcement Approach
Government Accountability Office, January 2003.

Special Collections:  Aviation Security
Government Accountability Office.

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