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TERRORISM & COUNTER-TERRORISM Terrorism, its nature and sources
Terrorist groups, incidents, targets
Financial Aspects
Bin Laden and Al Qaeda
Counter-terror strategy & programs
US War on Terror:
     Plans, Costs, Effects

Legal Issues & Human Rights
Terrorism & WMDs
Terrorism & Informational Warfare
Terrorism &
     regional security issues

Sept. 11 attack
Resource sites

Organization & cost
Armed forces roles and issues
Intelligence and warning
General Transport
Rail & Road
Port & Maritime
Border & Immigration
Critical infrastructure
Cyber security
First responders &
     local preparedness

Health system preparedness
Securing agriculture
Miscellaneous problems & Issues
Technology & techniques
Legislation & legal issues
WMDs and homeland security
Resource sites







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Homeland Defense and Civil Support Joint Operating Concept
Department of Defense, 01 October 2007 (.pdf file).

Homeland Defense
Joint Publication 3-27, 12 July 2007. Posted on the Defense Technical Information Center website (.pdf file).

Homeland Security: Evolving Roles and Missions for United States Northern Command
Steve Bowman and James Crowhurst. Congressional Research Service, updated 16 November 2006 (.pdf file).

The Pentagon's Inadequate Vision for Safeguarding U.S. Soil: What's Needed from the Reserve Components
James Jay Carafano. The Heritage Foundation, 09 November 2006.

Border Security and Military Support: Legal Authorizations and Restrictions
Stephen R. Vina. Congressional Research Service, 23 May 2006 (.pdf file).

Shaping the 21st Century Role of the National Guard and Reserves
James Jay Carafano. Testimony before the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves, 04 May 2006.

America's Army as First Responder
Zeb B. Bradford, Jr. and Frederic J. Brown. Institute of Land Warfare, April 2006 (.pdf file).

Air Force Doctrine Document 2-10
U.S. Air Force, 21 March 2006.

Terrorism and Domestic Response: Can DOD Help Get it Right?
Donald F. Thompson. Joint Force Quarterly, 2006 (.pdf file).

North American Defense and Security after 9/11
Joseph R. Inge and Eric A. Findley. Joint Force Quarterly, 2006 (.pdf file).

The Posse Comitatus Act and the United States Army: A Historical Perspective
Matt Matthews. Combat Studies Institute Press, 2006 (.pdf file).

Poor Communications Slowed Military's Hurricane Response
James Kitfield. Government Executive Magazine, 19 September 2005.

Hurricane Katrina: DoD Disaster Response
Steve Bowman, Lawrence Kapp and Amy Belasco. CRS Report for Congress, 19 September 2005. Posted on the Federation of American Scientists website.

The Use of Federal Troops for Disaster Assistance: Legal Issues
Jennifer K. Elsea. CRS Report for Congress, 16 September 2005.

Special Issue on the Role of the Military in Homeland Security
Connections Magazine, PfP Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes, Fall 2005. Posted on the Commonwealth Institute website (.pdf file).

Homeland Security: Establishment and Implementation of the United States Northern Command
Scott Shephard and Steve Bowman. CRS Report for Congress, 10 February 2005 (.pdf file).

Military Aviation: Issues and Options for Combating Terrorism and Counterinsurgency
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The DoD Role in Homeland Security
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Land Force Reserves and Homeland Security: Lessons Learned from the Australian Experience
Jeffrey Grey. Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, Winter 2004 (.pdf file).

Homeland Security: Defending U.S. Airspace
Christopher Bolkom. CRS Report for Congress, 13 October 2004. Posted on the Federation of American Scientists website (.pdf file).

Civil-Military Relations in an Age of Terror
Rod Lyon. Prepared for the Australian American Fulbright Symposium, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 05-07 July 2004 (.pdf file).

Homeland Security: Coast Guard Operations - Background and Issues for Congress
Ronald O'Rourke. Congressional Research Service, 01 July 2004 (.pdf file).

The Normalization of Homeland Security After September 11: The Role of the Military in Counterterrorism Preparedness and Response
William C. Banks. Louisiana Law Review, Summer 2004 (.pdf file).

Citizen-Soldiers and Homeland Security: A Strategic Assessment
James Jay Carafano. Lexington Institute, March 2004 (.pdf file).

Army Science and Technology for Homeland Security: Report 2 -- C4ISR
National Academies Press, 2004.

A Well-Regulated Militia:  The National Guard, not the military, should protect the homeland
Gary Hart. American Prospect, November 2003.

DoD Roles and Missions in Homeland Security
Defense Science Board, Summer 2003. Posted on the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics website (.pdf file).

Homeland Security Requirements and the Future Shape of the Army National Guard
Colin Robinson. Center for Defense Information, 4 September 2003.

Homeland Security and US Civil-Military Relations
Karen Guttieri. Strategic Insights, 1 August 2003. Center for Contemporary Conflict, Naval Postgraduate School.

Homeland Defense:  DOD Needs to Assess the Structure of US Forces for Domestic Military Missions
General Accounting Office, July 2003.

Homeland Security:  The Department of Defense's Role
Steve Bowman. Congressional Research Service, 14 May 2003. Posted on the FAS web site.

Wargaming Homeland Security and Army Reserve Component Issues
Prof. Michael Pasquarett. Issue Paper 04-03. Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College, May 2003.

The sufficiency of DoD's organization and force structure for protecting the US homeland
James Jay Carafano. Testimony before House Committee on Government Reform, 29 April 2003.

Homeland Defense:  Preliminary Observations on How Overseas and Domestic Missions Impact DoD Forces
Raymond J. Decker. Testimony before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, 29 April 2003.

DOD, NORTHCOM, and the Department of Homeland Security
Prof. Bert Tussing and Prof. James Kievit. Issue Paper 03-03. Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College, April 2003.

'Forward ... From the Start': The U.S. Navy and Homeland Defense
Peter M. Swartz. The CNA Corporation, February 2003 (.pdf file).

Anti-terrorist Operations and Homeland Defense
Papers from a conference, 30-31 January 2003. Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics.

Homeland Security and the Reserves:  Threat, Mission, and Force Structure Issues
Robert L. Goldich. Congressional Research Service, 10 September 2002. Posted on the FAS web site.

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