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The Pulse of Capitalism: Archived issues 1998-2005

Other publications by Institute staff, fellows, and associated programs:

Quickly, Carefully, and Generously: The Necessary Steps for a Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq, from the Task Force for a Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq, June 2008. Executive Summary (.pdf file).

The Left and the Military, by Charles Knight. Originally published in Dissent magazine, Fall 1994.

Social Evolution, Psychoanalysis, and Human Nature, by Daniel Kriegman and Charles Knight. Orginally published in Social Policy magazine, Fall 1988.

Poverty: A Global Review Handbook on International Poverty Research, edited by Else Øyen, S. M. Miller and Syed Abdus Samad, Scandinavian University Press/UNESCO, 1996, table of contents and ordering information.

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The Commonwealth Institute is an independent, nongovernmental public policy research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The Institute is an operating program of the Commonwealth Foundation, an unendowed nonprofit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

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