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PDA Sustainer Registration Form

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We rely on the moral and financial support of our Sustainers and your contribution will truly help sustain our work. To become a PDA Sustainer simply fill in the form below and please choose the option boxes which best suit you. If you would like further information about the finances and charitable standing of our non-profit home, the Commonwealth Foundation, you can find it at You can also read more about the PDA mission, program, advisory board, and staff.

Please be assured that we respect your right to privacy. We do not exchange address lists with other organizations, and will only use your e-mail address to send you infrequent updates about our work by way of the PDA Bulletin. If you would prefer not to be on this PDA Bulletin list just check the appropriate box below.

Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

We are very grateful for your support. Thank you!

Please fill out this form:

Address 2
City State Zip
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I would like to become a PDA Sustainer
and make a contribution in the amount of:

Other Amount:
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I will use my VISA or MasterCard through your secure server.
I have put a contribution in the mail payable to the
Commonwealth Foundation, Inc.
Box 398105, Inman Square P.O., Cambridge, MA 02139
Please send me a contribution form with a return envelope.
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Please do not send me the PDA Bulletin; I get too much e-mail already.

After you send this form please pay special attention to the next page on your screen. It will tell you how to make a credit card payment or where to send a check. If it fails to redirect and says "page not found" do not be concerned -- your form message has been sent!


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