Statement issued by Helena Cobban, Shelagh Foreman, Charles Knight, John Maher and Chris Toensing, on August 15, 2008

The members of the Organizing Committee for the Task Force for a Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq (Shelagh Foreman, Charles Knight, John Maher, and Chris Toensing) and Helena Cobban, Friend in Washington for the Friends Committee on National Legislation and publisher of, share the belief that the US should plan now for a US withdrawal from Iraq that is responsible, and "speedy, orderly, total and generous." We reciprocally recognize the value of the work the other party has done in this field to date.

The Task Force regrets failing to note in the original version of the Task Force's report that the title "Quickly, Carefully and Generously" (as referred to also in the executive summary) was inspired by Helena's formulation above. Helena recognizes that the lack of attribution was inadvertent and accepts that the Organizing Committee made its best effort to correct that mistake in later, web-published versions of the report.

We look forward to such opportunities as may arise for joint work in the future.